The Double


thedoubleWhen a U.S. Senator gets his throat slit, the CIA recognize the method of a legendary Cold War assassin and calls an old operative (Richard Gere) back into action. Screenwriter Michael Brandt’s directing debut is a thriller that offers mediocre but OK entertainment right up to the finale where a huge twist is presented that undermines everything and makes it hard to believe in the characters. The idea of a double spy at the heart of U.S. intelligence is intriguing, but neither Gere nor Topher Grace stands out.

2011-U.S. 98 min. Color. Directed by Michael Brandt. Cast: Richard Gere (Paul Shepherdson), Topher Grace (Ben Geary), Stana Katic (Amber), Stephen Moyer, Martin Sheen, Odette Yustman.

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