Lone Survivor


lonesurvivorIn June, 2005, four Navy SEALS are sent on a mission in Afghanistan’s Kunar province to kill a Taliban leader, but everything goes wrong… This fact-based account was made on the cheap, but director Peter Berg nevertheless paints a credible portrait of Navy SEALS and the claustrophobic, desperate battle that Operation Red Wings turned into. The title obviously gives away the ending, but tension is still very high and the cast is well-picked. Still, could have been a great film if Berg the writer had spent more time on the characters and less on effects that make it look like a simple action movie.

2013-U.S. 120 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by Peter Berg. Book: Marcus Luttrell, Patrick Robinson. Cast: Mark Wahlberg (Marcus Luttrell), Taylor Kitsch (Michael Murphy), Emile Hirsch (Danny Dietz), Ben Foster (Matt “Axe” Axelson), Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig.

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