An Enemy to Die For

enemytodieforIn 1939, a German-led expedition of international scientists heads to Svalbard to find evidence for the Pangea theory, but the outbreak of World War II changes everything. An ambitious thriller with a very interesting set-up and potential for psychological drama. What happens when a supposedly neutral Swede is caught in the middle between colleagues who serve either Nazi Germany or Britain? Too often are these ideas ditched in favor of a traditional game where a traitor causes trouble on the ship, but the story nevertheless offers thrills. Solid – except for the cheap-looking visual effects. 

2012-Sweden. 107 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by Peter Dalle. Cast: Richard Ulfsäter (Gustav de Geer), Jeanette Hain (Leni Röhm), Allan Corduner (Martin), Tom Burke, Axel Prahl, Sven Nordin.

Trivia: Original title: En fiende att dö för.

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