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Hugo and Josefin

hugoandjosefinKjell Grede’s directing debut has become a classic in Sweden and an art-house delight abroad, a film with a strong feeling for how children perceive the world around them and how magical it can seem to them. Grede gets good help from two charming kids in the leads, as well as Beppe Wolgers as a gentle gardener who becomes a special influence in the children’s lives. The story of how they share a few summer months has many warm, pretty scenes (aided by classical music) ā€“ there’s definitely many ingredients here that make it look similar to a Bo Widerberg film. Not terribly substantial, but nostalgic and poetic.

1967-Sweden. 82 min. Color. Produced byĀ Gƶran Lindgren. Written and directed byĀ Kjell Grede. Novels: Maria Gripe. Cinematography: Lars Johnsson. Cast: Fredrik BecklĆ©n (Hugo), Marie Ɩhman (Josefin), Beppe Wolgers (Gudmarson), Inga LandgrĆ©, Helena Brodin, Bellan Roos.Ā 

Trivia:Ā Original title: Hugo och Josefin.Ā 



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