californicationIt started as a funny, provocative story of a once-respected author (David Duchovny) whose latest novel had been turned into a shitty Hollywood movie, and now he was aiming to get back together with his ex-girlfriend (Natascha McElhone) and daughter (Madeleine Martin), while also working on a new book and trying not to screw too many women on the side. And this is how it went on for seven seasons. In the beginning, creator Tom Kapinos worked with other writers, but he was alone on the later seasons and they turned into ever shallower repeats. The show’s infatuation with rock was genuine, and Duchovny and Evan Handler were lovable as two open-minded but fucked-up best buddies. Amusing, but its depiction of Hank and Karen’s relationship became increasingly dishonest.

2007-2014:U.S. Made for TV. 84 episodes. Color. Created by Tom Kapinos. Theme: Tree Adams. Cast: David Duchovny (Hank Moody), Natascha McElhone (Karen Moody), Madeleine Martin (Becca Moody), Evan Handler, Pamela Adlon, Madeline Zima (07-08). 

Golden Globe: Best Actor (Duchovny) 08.



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