Men in Black 3


meninblack3When an alien criminal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from his lunar prison, Agent J (Will Smith) has to go back in time to 1969 to save K (Tommy Lee Jones)… and the Earth. Ten years after the last movie in the franchise came another sequel – which was more fun and had a better story. There’s a few breakneck chases (in 3D), wild aliens (including an amusingly grotesque performance by Clement as the villain) and it’s fun watching Smith and Jones work their old charm. Josh Brolin is a perfect choice to play the younger Agent K. Not blindingly original stuff, but having the Apollo 11 launch as part of the climax is a nifty idea.

2012-U.S. 105 min. Color. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Cast: Will Smith (J), Tommy Lee Jones (K), Josh Brolin (Young K), Jemaine Clement, Michael Stuhlbarg, Emma Thompson… Nicole Scherzinger. Cameos: Bill Hader, Will Arnett.

Trivia: Alec Baldwin and Sacha Baron Cohen were allegedly considered for parts.

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