The Circle


circleIn a small town in northern Sweden, six very disparate teenage girls are drawn to each other through an unseen force; not only do they learn that they are witches, but they’re also facing an evil presence in the town. There are many characters in the original young-adult novel and this adaptation carries the burden of introducing them all properly, and trying to create some tension at the same time. The result is a somewhat lumbering, overlong film that paints a credible portrait of teen life in a small town, with a dark atmosphere reminiscent of what we saw in Let the Right One In (2008).

2015-Sweden. 144 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Benny Andersson, Ludvig Andersson, Cecilia Norman Mardell. Directed by Levan Akin. Novel: Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Mats Strandberg. Music: Benny Andersson. Cast: Josefin Asplund (Rebecka Mohlin), Helena Engström (Anna-Karin Nieminen), Miranda Frydman (Vanessa Dahl), Irma von Platen, Hanna Asp, Leona Axelsen… Ruth Vega Fernandez, Sverrir Gudnason.

Trivia: Original title: Cirkeln. This was original ABBA member Benny Andersson’s debut as a film producer; Ludvig is his son.

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