home15An optimistic but clumsy and cowardly race of aliens, the Boov, invade Earth and relocate humans to another planet; after a serious mistake, a Boov called Oh is banished and accidentally teams up with a teenage girl left behind. Another children’s book gets an animated adaptation, this time with two major pop stars in the cast who have new songs to market… but the film does so cleverly, employing them at key moments in the story. Contrivances are hard to swallow, but the adventure (in 3D) is entertaining and the Boov are cute and silly; fun efforts by Jim Parsons and Steve Martin help a lot.

2015-U.S. Animated. 94 min. Color. Directed by Tim Johnson. Book: Adam Rex (“The True Meaning of Smekday”). Songs: “Feel the Light” (performed by Jennifer Lopez), “Towards the Sun” (performed by Rihanna). Voices of Jim Parsons (Oh), Rihanna (Gratuity “Tip” Tucci), Steve Martin (Captain Smek), Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones.

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