Top Gun


topgunPete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) attends the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, but his reckless performance as a fighter pilot and his romance with one of the instructors (Kelly McGillis) could ground him forever… One of the most popular blockbusters of the 1980s is impressively staged with golden-hued cinematography and exciting battle scenes that look like recruiting material for the Navy. The soundtrack deftly mixes old hits with new memorable songs and a pulsating electronic score. Cruise was catapulted to stardom, and the film is so entertaining at times that it’s easy to forget the near-moronic lack of credibility.

1986-U.S. 110 min. Color. Widescreen. Produced by Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer. Directed by Tony Scott. Cinematography: Jeffrey L. Kimball. Music: Harold Faltermeyer. Song: “Take My Breath Away” (Giorgio Moroder, Tom Whitlock). Cast: Tom Cruise (Pete “Maverick” Mitchell), Kelly McGillis (Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood), Val Kilmer (Tom “Iceman” Kazanski), Anthony Edwards (Nick “Goose” Bradshaw), Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside… Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan.

Trivia: Charlie Sheen and Matthew Modine were allegedly considered for the lead role. Inspired by a 1983 magazine article. Rereleased in theaters in 3D in 2013.

Oscar: Best Original Song. Golden Globe: Best Original Song. 

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