Two for the Money

twoforthemoneyFormer football player Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey), who has a knack at predicting winners in games, is hired by the charismatic head (Al Pacino) of a sports consulting firm – and his life changes. It’s a pleasure watching these three stars make their characters come alive – McConaughey as the cocky talent, Pacino as the ruthless manager who spoils him and Rene Russo as a woman who constantly has to keep her husband in check. The director keeps us entertained for about an hour, but the slickness can’t compensate for the conventional story.

2005-U.S. 122 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by D.J. Caruso. Screenplay: Dan Gilroy. Cast: Al Pacino (Walter Abrams), Matthew McConaughey (Brandon Lang), Rene Russo (Toni Abrams), Jeremy Piven, Armand Assante, Jaime King.

Trivia: Co-executive produced by Russo and Gilroy, who are married.

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