boys15-year-old Sieger (Gijs Blom) spends time with another boy (Ko Zandvliet) on his relay team; after a sudden kiss, Sieger realizes that his feelings are confused. Much like the Belgian film North Sea Texas (2011), this one depicts two boys falling in love in the countryside. Once again, it has lush surroundings and a script that is unable to rise above the clichéd and expected as the romance evolves. Still, beautiful to look at, the actors are credible and the filmmakers capture the sweet delicacy of young love.

2014-The Netherlands. Made for TV. 78 min. Color. Directed by Mischa Kamp. Cast: Gijs Blom (Sieger), Ko Zandvliet (Marc), Jonas Smulders (Eddy), Ton Kas, Stijn Taverne, Myron Wouts.

Trivia: Original title: Jongens. Premiered on Dutch TV and was subsequently released in theaters.



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