The Salt of the Earth

saltoftheearthWim Wenders returned to documentaries after Pina (2011), which was a portrait of a famous dance choreographer. This film follows another impressive, passionate artist, renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado. Made together with Salgado’s son as co-director, the film explains why the photographer made such an impression on Wenders – the man’s empathy for people shone through in his work. We journey to different continents and explore Salgado’s compassion and history, always aided by his magnificent work that has people and events, beauty and horror frozen in time, from native peoples in South America and gorillas in Africa to the genocide in Rwanda and burning oil wells in Kuwait. An interesting, albeit somewhat unremarkable experience as a film.

2014-France-Brazil. 110 min. Color-B/W. Directed by Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. Narrated by Wim Wenders.

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