At the same time as 11-year-old Frank (Julius Jimenez Hugoson) is grappling with grief after the death of his younger sister, a mysterious little Gibbon ape shows up at his house. An unusual film for children that leaves audiences deciding for themselves just how seriously they should take Monky, the Gibbon who becomes an unpredictable and lively part of Frank’s family. The CGI animated creature is a cute device for this fantasy that relies on laughs and tears in uneven measures. The parents’ reaction to the new member of the family is the least believable part of the movie, but as a whole the charm is more consistent than the contrivances.

2017-Sweden. 87 min. Color. Directed by Maria Blom. Cast: Julius Jimenez Hugoson (Frank), Frida Hallgren (Mom), Johan Petersson (Dad), Ing-Marie Carlsson, Shebly Niavarani, Sofia Bach… Bianca Kronlöf.



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