Rillington Place


The story of John Christie, the man who in 1953 was revealed to be a serial killer, is interesting because it helped abolish the death penalty in Britain; years earlier, Christie had testified against an innocent man who was subsequently executed for murders committed by Christie. This version is inferior to the 1971 movie, 10 Rillington Place, but it does have excellent performances by Tim Roth and Samantha Morton as the timid murderer and his wife who turned a blind eye right up until the moment when she herself became a victim. Slow and depressing, the grim and gray look of this miniseries is more off-putting than engaging.

2016-Britain. Made for TV. 156 min. Color. Directed by Craig Viveiros. Cast: Tim Roth (John Christie), Samantha Morton (Ethel Christie), Nico Mirallegro (Timothy Evans), Jodie Comer, Eiry Thomas, Gilly Gilchrist.

Trivia: Originally shown in three episodes.



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