Living. Loving

There are plenty of documentaries detailing the civil rights struggle for gay people, but this one finds a new angle by depicting something that only remains a dream in most countries – the world’s first city-sponsored community for gay seniors, The Rainbow, which opened in Stockholm in 2013. The director (with her wife serving as producer) introduces us to a group of seniors who move in there and get to know one another. They share their past with the audience and there’s plenty of grief, joy and awkward experiences on display, mirroring how perceptions of homosexuality have changed. Their photos and memories are often reflected during interviews through video projections, courtesy of artist Sabina Jacobsson. Moving, inspiring and very humane.

2018-Sweden-Norway. 83 min. Color. Produced by Stina Gardell. Directed by Mette Aakerholm Gardell.

Trivia: Original title: Leva. Älska.



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