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Tom Petty and the Movies

The clip above shows Tom Petty’s very last performance of “Free Fallin’”, at Hollywood Bowl on September 25th. On October 2nd, he died at the age of 66 after a massive heart attack. Bizarrely enough, it was first reported that he had died, then that the initial reports were wrong, that he was still fighting … Continue reading Tom Petty and the Movies

The Best of Tony Curtis

In the clip above, an interview with Michael Parkinson that Tony Curtis did in 1978, the Hollywood star talks about how he adapted to Tinseltown when he first got there. Anyone who’s read “American Prince”, Curtis’s autobiography from 2008 (published two years before his death), knows what he’s talking about. Curtis spends a lot of … Continue reading The Best of Tony Curtis

My Emmy Predictions 2017

Tonight is the Emmys; the clip above from Entertainment Tonight shows Stephen Colbert in promos for the awards show, which will air on CBS. As usual, Emmys were handed out a few nights ago at the Creative Arts show, with Melissa McCarthy winning Comedy Guest Actress for her hilarious work as former White House Press Secretary … Continue reading My Emmy Predictions 2017

Harry Dean Stanton 1926-2017

We lost Harry Dean Stanton yesterday, at the age of 91. The quirky character actor had been around forever, it seemed at times, and he remained active till the end, appearing in the third season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, and also alongside the director in the film Lucky. In the clip above, from 2014, the actor … Continue reading Harry Dean Stanton 1926-2017

Springsteen’s Career in 11 Rock Clips

During my vacation, I read Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”, the best-selling biography he released last year. At about the same time, there was also an accompanying documentary, Bruce Springsteen: In His Own Words, and an album, “Chapter and Verse”. The Boss may have grown up in New Jersey more or less poor, but he sure … Continue reading Springsteen’s Career in 11 Rock Clips

Jerry Lewis, Influential Icon

When I started looking for an interview clip with Jerry Lewis, I knew I didn’t want the infamous Hollywood Reporter interview that he made last year. You can watch the whole awkward encounter here. As much as that interview may seem like classic Jerry Lewis (he had a reputation for not being easy to work … Continue reading Jerry Lewis, Influential Icon

Sam Shepard 1943-2017

In the clip above, Sam Shepard is interviewed during the 2014 Sundance film festival where he had a new movie, the crime drama Cold in July. He died a few days ago at the age of 73, but the news wasn’t made public until today. I’m sure that several news sites will refer to him as … Continue reading Sam Shepard 1943-2017

Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

In the interview above from 2002, Charlie Rose talks to what he refers to as the “grande dame of French cinema”, Jeanne Moreau. Rose is often flattering her, but Moreau keeps pushing back. This is a no-nonsense lady. Today we lost her at the age of 89. Born in Paris, Jeanne Moreau also spent the … Continue reading Jeanne Moreau 1928-2017

Highlights of Comic-Con 2017

This year’s Comic-Con in San Diego ended last weekend and even though I wasn’t terribly excited about it this year there were memorable panels and trailers. Even if you weren’t there, thanks to Youtube you can enjoy all of it from home. Let’s take a look. The first trailer for the second season of Stranger Things … Continue reading Highlights of Comic-Con 2017