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Democrats Need to Learn How to Speak to Working Class Voters

What to make of the Democrats’ current situation? On the one hand, the Republicans can’t seem to get anything right. President Donald Trump spends most of his time at his golfing resorts, shows no interest in or knowledge about serious issues, is constantly mired in scandals (often caused by his own Twitter account) and suffers … Continue reading Democrats Need to Learn How to Speak to Working Class Voters

John G. Avildsen, Friend of Underdogs

Director John G. Avildsen died yesterday at the age of 81. He will always be remembered for making Rocky (1976) and The Karate Kid (1984). In the interviews above, Avildsen talks about the lessons he’s learned behind the camera. Words of wisdom for filmmaking students. Born in Illinois, Avildsen picked up a thing or two from working as … Continue reading John G. Avildsen, Friend of Underdogs

Adam West: Farewell to a Caped Crusader and a Mayor

When I was on vacation in Boston last week, news came that Adam West had passed away at the age of 88. In the interview with Conan O’Brien above, from 1997, the actor and the host banter in a funny, relaxed way. This is how we remember Adam West, hilarious and cool, in on the … Continue reading Adam West: Farewell to a Caped Crusader and a Mayor

Fry and Laurie, Double the Fun

Finding this clip on YouTube was quite a treat, a special called Fry and Laurie Reunited (2010). At first, we get the two comedy stars’ background. Then these guys who’ve been best friends since the 1980s sit down to talk about their achievements in British television. Many laughs are shared, and it’s obvious how close Fry … Continue reading Fry and Laurie, Double the Fun

Roger Moore: Nobody Did It Better

In the clip above, Sir Roger Moore talks to Piers Morgan about his life and career. This was 2012; at the age of 84, he’s as charming as ever. Yesterday we lost him, 89 years old, the first of the six onscreen James Bonds to go. For me personally, Roger Moore will always be a … Continue reading Roger Moore: Nobody Did It Better

A Glorious Evening with Hans Zimmer

I’m back from watching the legendary, Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer in concert tonight in Stockholm and my head is full of the themes from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight and Inception. And the sight of long-time Zimmer collaborator Nick Glennie-Smith dancing around to the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean with a fake parrot attached … Continue reading A Glorious Evening with Hans Zimmer

Remembering Michael Ballhaus

Noted cinematographer Michael Ballhaus died a month ago at the age of 81, and sadly I never got around to writing a blog entry about him. But now is a time as good as any. Every time a respected, influential artist in the film community who isn’t a famous actor or director passes away, it’s … Continue reading Remembering Michael Ballhaus

We Need a Proper Movie About Allen Dulles

This clip shows former CIA director Allen Dulles returning to Washington in 1964 after a trip to Mississippi where he looked into the disappearance of three civil rights workers (a case that would later inspire the movie Mississippi Burning (1988)). This was not one of the legendary spymaster’s finest hours. Having been fired by President John … Continue reading We Need a Proper Movie About Allen Dulles

Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

We’re one week away from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ignore the dreary semifinals leading up to it) and I feel as conflicted as ever. The shows are simultaneously ridiculous and glorious. The quality is often shoddy, production-wise and musically, and the shows always go on too long. The obvious answer would be to cap … Continue reading Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

Taking on the Elephant (Not) in the Room

100 days of infamy have passed. President Donald Trump celebrated his lack of achievements last Saturday by going to Pennsylvania and hold a campaign rally for himself, the only thing that makes him happy besides his constant golf tours on taxpayers’ money. Pretending like he was leaving the “elite” behind in Washington, the delusional billionaire … Continue reading Taking on the Elephant (Not) in the Room

Jonathan Demme 1944-2017

Director Jonathan Demme died today, 73 years old. In the clip above, he and Paul Thomas Anderson (who’s a big fan) talk about the creative process behind Demme’s films at the 2015 Austin Film Festival. If you want to learn more about The Silence of the Lambs (1991), go ahead and listen. Born in Baldwin, New … Continue reading Jonathan Demme 1944-2017

Bill Paxton 1955-2017

It was quite a shock today for Hollywood and the rest of us to wake up and know that Bill Paxton has died due to complications following surgery. Judging from all the love for Paxton on Twitter, he was really popular in Hollywood. In the clip above from last summer’s Comic Con, he and Sigourney … Continue reading Bill Paxton 1955-2017