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Eye in the Sky

WELCOME TO THE NEW FRONT LINE. As a group of terrorists are clearly preparing for a suicide bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, a multinational group of military officers, politicians and lawyers argue over whether to send a drone-guided missile their way. After breaking through with Tsotsi (2005), director Gavin Hood had trouble finding his place in … Continue reading Eye in the Sky

Central Intelligence

SAVING THE WORLD TAKES A LITTLE HART AND A BIG JOHNSON. Twenty years after graduating from high school, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is contacted on Facebook by a guy who was spectacularly humiliated by bullies – and he turns out to have changed a lot. An action-comedy that benefits from Dwayne Johnson’s enthusiastic performance as … Continue reading Central Intelligence

Exodus: Gods and Kings

ONCE BROTHERS, NOW ENEMIES.  Moses (Christian Bale) is raised by the Pharaoh of Egypt (John Turturro) together with his son Rhamses (Joel Edgerton), but when the truth about Moses’s heritage emerges, everything changes… Ridley Scott returns to epics, a genre he commands well, this time inspired by a biblical story rather than Roman or Medieval … Continue reading Exodus: Gods and Kings

My Emmy Predictions 2014

In the clip above, Uzo Aduba faces the press after winning her Outstanding Guest Actress Emmy for Orange is the New Black at the Creative Arts Emmys last night. In those Guest Actor categories, Jimmy Fallon also won the male equivalent for a comedy series for hosting Saturday Night Live. In the drama category, Allison Janney (very … Continue reading My Emmy Predictions 2014

Winners at Next Sunday’s Golden Globes

In the clip above, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, hosts of next Sunday’s Golden Globe awards are having a little fun. “Ten seconds or less why the Golden Globes are the best awards show… hmmm… gimme a minute…” Looks promising. The time has come for some predictions. FILM: In the Drama categories, 12 Years a Slave … Continue reading Winners at Next Sunday’s Golden Globes

Breaking Bad: Journey to Damnation

  On several occasions, Vince Gilligan pointed out that Breaking Bad could never have existed without The X-Files (1993-2002). The sci-fi show may not be discussed among critics with an equal amount of enthusiasm, but that’s where Gilligan cut his teeth. Not only as a writer, but also as a show runner; it takes one … Continue reading Breaking Bad: Journey to Damnation

The Emmy Race Right Now

Behind the Candelabra ruled last night at the Creative Arts Emmys, scoring eight awards. Bob Newhart, Melissa Leo, Carrie Preston and Dan Bucatinsky picked up guest acting Emmys for their appearances on The Big Bang Show, Louie, The Good Wife and Scandal. Neil Patrick Harris, who did such a good job of hosting the Tony Awards, received an Emmy for that. … Continue reading The Emmy Race Right Now

Mad Men and Girls Deserve the Top Emmys

  The Emmy nominations were announced last week, with help from Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel, two ABC personalities as the show will air on that network this year September 23. A few observations: I’m glad to see Girls get recognized as much as it was. Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and star, was very excited … Continue reading Mad Men and Girls Deserve the Top Emmys