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Celebrities For and Against Trump

Since I last wrote about the presidential election in this blog (which was August), too much craziness has happened to keep up. Suffice it to say that those who thought Donald Trump would turn into a serious-minded candidate were wrong. As polls show him losing big to Hillary Clinton, the unhinged billionaire is going off … Continue reading Celebrities For and Against Trump

Hollywood (and a GOP Governor) Kill an Antigay Bill

Sometimes the good guys win. In the AP clip above from today, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal explains why he will veto House Bill 757, what’s popularly called a “religious liberty” bill. It’s an eloquent little speech where he expressly says that he believes the bill discriminates against the state’s LGBT community.  The bill is part … Continue reading Hollywood (and a GOP Governor) Kill an Antigay Bill

The Intern

EXPERIENCE NEVER GETS OLD. 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is hired as an intern at a fresh New York City company that sells clothes online, but its founder (Anne Hathaway) is less than thrilled… One of Nancy Meyers’s least satisfying comedies is an attempt to bridge generations. Its two stars deserve kudos for … Continue reading The Intern

Don Jon

EVERYONE LOVES A HAPPY ENDING. Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has no problem meeting women, and Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) is one of the sexiest he has ever hooked up with… but his addiction to Internet porn becomes a problem. The star’s directing debut is all the more impressive because he manages to make a romantic comedy … Continue reading Don Jon

Interstellar: Escape From Earth

MANKIND WAS BORN ON EARTH. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO DIE HERE.  The day I saw this movie, I woke up feeling sad over what is a very common dream for me. It had taken me back to my teenage years, or childhood (time is not all that important in these dreams) and I was … Continue reading Interstellar: Escape From Earth

The 7 Most Recent Oscar Hosts Rated

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting next year’s Academy Awards. Anyone who has seen him helm the Tonys or the Emmys knows that this is good news. I’ll soon get to why, but let us first kick off a list of who’s hosted the past seven years and how they merit:   2008: Jon Stewart – This was … Continue reading The 7 Most Recent Oscar Hosts Rated

Argo Will Grab Three Oscars

  Seth MacFarlane and a number of ABC promos ahead of the Oscars tomorrow night. Will the Family Guy funnyman do a good job? Crossing my fingers, although most of these promos are less than impressive. I did however like this one: “I’ll be hosting the Oscars! (Ask your parents)”. Here’s how I think the awards … Continue reading Argo Will Grab Three Oscars

BAFTA This Sunday? Few Surprises

The British know how to put on a good show as well, and this Sunday we’ll have the BAFTA Awards handed out in London. The clip above shows the wonderful Stephen Fry opening last year’s ceremony (welcoming everyone from the greatest stars to “assorted media scum”), and he’ll repeat the feat this year. A few … Continue reading BAFTA This Sunday? Few Surprises

The True Stars of This Awards Season

‘Tis the time when awards are awarded, the schmoozing leading up to it is over and the game of predictions begin in earnest. As I write this, the Golden Globes are about to take place this Sunday and the nominations for Oscars and BAFTAs have been announced. Heck, even the Razzies have been announced, with Breaking … Continue reading The True Stars of This Awards Season

Les Misérables

FIGHT. DREAM. HOPE. LOVE.   France, 1815; Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), who’s spent 19 years in jail for stealing bread, is released and starts a new life… but his nemesis in prison, Javert (Russell Crowe), won’t leave him alone. The first major screen version of the hit musical is primarily for buffs; with almost no … Continue reading Les Misérables

Dark Knight Rises: The Bat vs. Bane

A FIRE WILL RISE.   On the night of this film’s intensely anticipated premiere, a 24-year-old man attacked a midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado and murdered 12 people. The horrendous act caused the studio to remove ads for the The Dark Knight Rises and director Christopher Nolan released a statement where he called the movie … Continue reading Dark Knight Rises: The Bat vs. Bane