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Terror’s Advocate

DICTATORS. TERRORISTS. WAR CRIMINALS. MEET THE MAN WHO DEFENDED THEM ALL. The director behind Reversal of Fortune (1990) returned to the courtroom, but this time for a simple, straight-forward documentary about one of the world’s most famous (and infamous) attorneys, Jacques Vergés. With unmistakable delight, often with a cigar in his hand, the lawyer invites … Continue reading Terror’s Advocate

Reversal of Fortune: Having a Crack at Claus

THE CASE OF CLAUS VON BÜLOW. AN AMERICAN SAGA OF MONEY AND MYSTERY. Three years after winning an Oscar for playing him, Jeremy Irons met the real life Claus Von Bülow. This was their first encounter. Von Bülow told Irons that he had heard of his old lawyer Alan Dershowitz representing Mike Tyson and Leona … Continue reading Reversal of Fortune: Having a Crack at Claus

Beverly Hills Cop III

IN FOR THE RIDE OF HIS LIFE. When Axel Foley’s (Eddie Murphy) boss is murdered in Detroit, he goes back to Beverly Hills to bring the killer, a security head for an amusement park, to justice. A decade after the first movie came the third one and not much has changed – except that the story … Continue reading Beverly Hills Cop III

The Darjeeling Limited

Peter and Jack (Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman) reunite with their brother Francis (Owen Wilson) on a train in India; they haven’t talked in a while, but Francis wants them to bond on this spiritual journey. Fans of director Wes Anderson will recognize his themes, approach and style, but I found myself more interested in the portrayal … Continue reading The Darjeeling Limited