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Once Upon a Time in the West: When the Railroad Came to Town

THERE WERE THREE MEN IN HER LIFE. ONE TO TAKE HER… ONE TO LOVE HER… AND ONE TO KILL HER. This film wasn’t always loved. At its U.S. premiere, Paramount listened to critics who thought Sergio Leone’s new Western was too long and slow, and edited it down to 145 minutes. Whole scenes were cut … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in the West: When the Railroad Came to Town

Magnificent Seven: It Takes a Village

ONCE YOU’VE MET THEM… YOU’LL NEVER FORGET THEM. In 2009, Robert Vaughn released an autobiography that revealed the full extent of the rivalry between Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner on the set of The Magnificent Seven. This is something that Eli Wallach, another co-star, has also written about in his autobiography. According to Vaughn, McQueen, … Continue reading Magnificent Seven: It Takes a Village

Dirty Dozen: Band of Bandits

TRAIN THEM! EXCITE THEM! ARM THEM!… THEN TURN THEM LOOSE ON THE NAZIS! When Roger Ebert sat down to review this film in 1967, he couldn’t get past one scene that comes near the end. I’ve seen so much senseless violence in movies (and so has he) that I would have barely reacted had I … Continue reading Dirty Dozen: Band of Bandits

Great Escape: Dig Till You Drop

PUT A FENCE IN FRONT OF THESE MEN… AND THEY’LL CLIMB IT… It may be hard to believe that there is a real-life story behind such a classic and typically Hollywood movie as The Great Escape, but there is. In 1943, Australian fighter pilot Paul Brickhill was taken prisoner by the Germans and ended up in … Continue reading Great Escape: Dig Till You Drop

Death Wish

VIGILANTE, CITY STYLE – JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER. When his wife is murdered and daughter raped by a gang of thugs, a liberal architect (Charles Bronson) turns into a vigilante. No gun nut could ever resist this celebration of a man who cleans up the streets of New York on his own – too bad though … Continue reading Death Wish

The Sandpiper

SHE GAVE MEN A TASTE OF LIFE THAT MADE THEM HUNGER FOR MORE. The authorities force beatnik Laura Reynolds’s (Elizabeth Taylor) young son to attend a school run by a priest (Richard Burton); the two adults’ initial antagonism turns into affection, but he’s married. One of director Vincente Minnelli’s last films is a traditional love … Continue reading The Sandpiper

The Indian Runner

Joe Roberts (David Morse), a cop in a small town, welcomes his brother Frank (Viggo Mortensen) back from fighting in the Vietnam War, but the experience has made him cold and destructive… Sean Penn’s directing debut was reportedly inspired by the Bruce Springsteen song “Highway Patrolman”, and one can’t help wondering how much from his … Continue reading The Indian Runner