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Scent of a Woman

COL. FRANK SLADE HAS A VERY SPECIAL PLAN FOR THE WEEKEND. IT INVOLVES TRAVEL, WOMEN, GOOD FOOD, FINE WINE, THE TANGO, CHAUFFEURED LIMOUSINES AND A LOADED FORTY-FIVE. AND HE’S BRINGING CHARLIE ALONG FOR THE RIDE.  Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell), a New England prep school student, is hired by a blind, retired army officer (Al Pacino) … Continue reading Scent of a Woman

Kinsey: Sex and the Professor

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX. Bill Condon, the man who once made a dreary sequel to Candyman (1992), has grown into quite a sophisticated filmmaker. He prepared for this film by interviewing the old colleagues of Alfred Kinsey’s, much like the noted biologist himself had conducted interviews in preparation of his two books on sexuality in … Continue reading Kinsey: Sex and the Professor

Cookie’s Fortune

WELCOME TO HOLLY SPRINGS… HOME OF MURDER, MAYHEM AND CATFISH ENCHILADAS. When Camille (Glenn Close) one day finds her aunt dead, she realizes that the suicide will bring shame on her family – so she makes it look like murder. Another Southern tale from Robert Altman; this is an absurd comedy with a nice, laidback … Continue reading Cookie’s Fortune

Batman & Robin

STRENGTH. COURAGE. HONOR. AND LOYALTY. Batman opus #4 threw in too many stupid one-liners and ridiculous gadgets; Batman even has a personal credit card. This is to some extent a (not very funny) comedy that doesn’t know what to focus on; there’s two villains, Batgirl is introduced, Batman and Robin fight over a woman and … Continue reading Batman & Robin

Batman Forever

COURAGE NOW, TRUTH ALWAYS… The third Batman film saw Tim Burton handing over directing duties to Joel Schumacher who brought some light into this franchise. It became more kiddie-oriented, the dialogue was more humorous and the colors became so bright they made one think of that old TV show. There was too much of everything; … Continue reading Batman Forever

Circle of Friends

SOMETIMES DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Three young women go to Dublin to study – one of the topics is boys, apparently, and “Benny” Hogan (Minnie Driver) falls in love with a medical student (Chris O’Donnell). Director Pat O’Connor’s audience-pleaser deals with young people’s first experience of love and sex in the 1950s. Perhaps a point … Continue reading Circle of Friends

Mad Love

A WILD AND SEXY ADVENTURE! Teenager Matt Leland (Chris O’Donnell) falls in love with an eccentric girl (Drew Barrymore), but she turns out to be mentally ill; after helping her escape from a psychiatric ward, they go on the lam… An attempt from Priest (1994) director Antonia Bird to make an inspiring, romantic and moving … Continue reading Mad Love

In Love and War

IN WAR THEY FOUND EACH OTHER… IN EACH OTHER THEY FOUND LOVE… It’s a pity that director Richard Attenborough can’t bring life to the story of how young, wounded ambulance driver Ernest Hemingway met nurse Agnes in Italy during WWI. “A Farewell to Arms” is a true literary classic, but the filmmakers manage to make … Continue reading In Love and War