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Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

With an authoritarian man in the White House, it was unavoidable that this year’s Super Bowl ads would be political. There were also plenty of movie and TV trailers, but few of them offered any real surprises; we did learn when the second season of Stranger Things premieres (Halloween), but that was about it.  Let’s take a look … Continue reading Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2017

Annie Hall: This Is 40

A NERVOUS ROMANCE.  In the film’s first scene, Woody Allen as Alvy Singer addresses his audience, letting us know that he recently turned 40 and that this landmark event has brought on a life crisis. It wasn’t really planned, but I happened to watch this movie for the first time in many years at exactly … Continue reading Annie Hall: This Is 40

Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2016

This year’s crop of Super Bowl ads was truly star-studded. We had the expected amount of new trailers (where most movies seemed to focus on the end of the world as we know it), but let’s take a look at what brands Hollywood stars supported. The following line-up of ads is courtesy of The Hollywood … Continue reading Hollywood Stars in Super Bowl Ads 2016

San Francisco in Films and on TV

Every time I vacation in a major city I feel a need to buy a book that tries to capture either its soul or history. If I’m fortunate, the book does both. When I was in San Francisco last fall, I bought “A Crack in the Edge of the World” by Simon Winchester. I expected this … Continue reading San Francisco in Films and on TV

The Greatest Hits of 2015

It’s time for that annual list of next year’s highly anticipated Hollywood films. Here’s 2015 for ya. JANUARY: * Blackhat – Michael Mann’s first directorial outing since Public Enemies (2009) is a cyber thriller starring Chris Hemsworth. Its January release makes it hard to really get excited about it.  * Escobar: Paradise Lost – Notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar reaches … Continue reading The Greatest Hits of 2015

Stand Up Guys

THEY DON’T MAKE ‘EM LIKE THEY USED TO. After doing time for murder, Val (Al Pacino) is released and reunited with his old friend and partner (Christopher Walken)… who has a secret, heartbreaking agenda. A film that goes all-in for old-school charm in a story about geriatric gangsters that still know how to strut their … Continue reading Stand Up Guys

A Late Quartet

NO ARRANGEMENT IS MORE BEAUTIFUL… OR MORE COMPLICATED.   Approaching its 25th anniversary, a string quartet is shaken when the cellist, Peter Mitchell (Christopher Walken), announces that he’s retiring because of a debilitating illness. Documentary filmmaker Yaron Zilberman brings a sense of honesty and carefulness to his first dramatic feature, which is obvious in the … Continue reading A Late Quartet

Noomi Rapace Helps the Rolling Stones Look Good

  When you’re pushing 70 and still want to remain relevant as a rock group, what do you do? Hire Jonas Åkerlund, apparently. The Swedish director has an impressive resume of music videos and when the Rolling Stones asked him to make a video for their new single “Doom and Gloom”, he talked Prometheus star Noomi … Continue reading Noomi Rapace Helps the Rolling Stones Look Good

James Bond 50: As Crazy As They Come

  As the world’s most famous spy celebrates 50 years as a movie star, the time has come to celebrate everything we love about him. In 22 blog posts, I’ll find something in every Bond movie, from Dr. No (1962) to Quantum of Solace (2008), that’s worth illustrating. Yes, even the bad ones. The fourteenth film in this franchise … Continue reading James Bond 50: As Crazy As They Come

Tony Scott 1944-2012

  Today, Hollywood may not have lost a man who won awards, but certainly a man of the people. Tony Scott’s films rarely received much praise from critics, but they usually found huge audiences and the director became a role model to younger filmmakers trying to make an impact in the action genre. Scott won … Continue reading Tony Scott 1944-2012

Golden Gate: A Movie Icon Turns 75

  The PBS clip above shows why the Golden Gate Bridge, now 75 years old, is still a marvel to behold. Originally a Depression-era behemoth, the bridge remains in the words of one of the interviewees not only a triumph of engineering but a work of art. Yesterday, an impressive display of fireworks on the … Continue reading Golden Gate: A Movie Icon Turns 75