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Escape From Alcatraz

NO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED FROM ALCATRAZ… AND NO ONE EVER WILL! In 1960, Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) arrives at Alcatraz after having escaped from several other prisons… and immediately begins to plan the impossible – leave The Rock. One of Eastwood and director Don Siegel’s best collaborations is also one of their most popular. … Continue reading Escape From Alcatraz

Dirty Grandpa

THEY’RE HITTING THE ROAD. AND EVERYTHING ON IT. After the death of his grandmother, Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) agrees to drive his granddad (Robert DeNiro) to Boca Raton, Florida… but learns that the old man is on a mission. Somewhere buried deep underneath layer after layer of unfunny, raunchy jokes and spring-break shenanigans lies a … Continue reading Dirty Grandpa

Lethal Weapon 4

THE GANG’S ALL HERE. After coming across Chinese slave laborers, Riggs and Murtaugh (Mel Gibson, Danny Glover) go up against a ruthless immigrant smuggling ring. Our heroes are growing older, but not much changes anyway. Number four is chock-full of action, almost to the point of exhaustion, but all the sub-plots is what really slows … Continue reading Lethal Weapon 4

Witness: Book in Hiding

8 YEAR OLD SAMUEL: SOLE WITNESS TO A MURDER. THREE KILLERS WHO’LL STOP AT NOTHING TO SILENCE HIM. ONE HONEST COP WHO’LL GIVE HIS LIFE TO SAVE HIM… The original title of the screenplay was “Called Home” and it devoted a lot of time to Amish customs. Producer Edward S. Feldman still believed in the … Continue reading Witness: Book in Hiding

Lethal Weapon: Not Too Old for This Shit

IF THESE TWO CAN LEARN TO STAND EACH OTHER… THE BAD GUYS DON’T STAND A CHANCE.    I have happy memories from my life as a teenager, when I was in awe of the great action movies of the 1980s. There were Aliens, Die Hard… and there was definitely Lethal Weapon. Not as good as … Continue reading Lethal Weapon: Not Too Old for This Shit

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

SOME FIGHTS ARE BIGGER THAN THE RING. In 1971, Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War becomes a case for the U.S. Supreme Court, but Chief Justice Warren Burger (Frank Langella) believes it has no merits. His name may be in the title, but in this HBO drama the champ only appears … Continue reading Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

The HBO Bitter Republicans Project?

Coming on the heels of polls showing that Mitt Romney did not get much of a boost after the Republican National Convention and Barack Obama getting a substantial push forward after the Democratic equivalent, conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are starting to look scared and confused on TV. In the Fox News … Continue reading The HBO Bitter Republicans Project?

I’m Still Here

2008 was the year when Joaquin Phoenix announced to the world that he’d give up acting and become a rap artist; apparently, this was also a time when he stopped shaving and showering. Eventually, the whole thing was revealed as a stunt for this faux documentary that aims to show how artists are not allowed … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Death at a Funeral

THIS IS ONE SAD FAMILY. As Aaron Barnes (Chris Rock) is preparing for the funeral of his father, it is gearing up to be a disaster. Only three years after Frank Oz’s hilarious British comedy comes the remake, directed by Neil LaBute who’d already made a mess out of the Wicker Man remake. As it is very close … Continue reading Death at a Funeral


WE WERE WARNED. Solar radiation causes the Earth’s core to heat up, resulting in unprecedented geophysical activity; our planet is doomed, but there’s a secret emergency plan. Director Roland Emmerich intended to make his final (not so much) and ultimate disaster movie, based on the belief that the Maya calendar predicts the end of the world. … Continue reading 2012