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Fight Club

MISCHIEF. MAYHEM. SOAP. A man (Edward Norton) who spends his nights going to cancer support groups has a chance meeting with a soap salesman (Brad Pitt), which results in a joint enterprise – fight clubs, where men work out their frustrations. Some people consider this movie, which became a cult classic, David Fincher’s finest. It … Continue reading Fight Club

Gone Girl

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT ‘TIL IT’S GONE GIRL.   When his wife (Rosamund Pike) disappears in what looks like a kidnapping, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is a suspect and a subsequent five-year anniversary treasure hunt turns into a mix of incriminating clues and confusing question marks. Gillian Flynn does an excellent job adapting … Continue reading Gone Girl

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

WHAT IS HIDDEN IN SNOW, COMES FORTH IN THE THAW. Investigative reporter Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) is hired by a wealthy industrialist (Christopher Plummer) to look into the mysterious disappearing of his niece 40 years ago; he believes that a family member might have killed her. This remake of the 2009 Swedish film rides the wave … Continue reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Social Network: Why Can’t We Be Friends

YOU DON’T GET TO 500 MILLION FRIENDS WITHOUT MAKING A FEW ENEMIES. I joined Facebook four years ago. At first, it felt like a playground for grownups where we poked each other and greedily accepted every new childish application that someone had designed specifically for Facebook. Four years later, this social network has matured into … Continue reading The Social Network: Why Can’t We Be Friends

Se7en: A Tour of Sins

SEVEN DEADLY SINS. SEVEN WAYS TO DIE. Director David Fincher’s first feature, Alien³ (1992), had the misfortune of following in the footsteps of some of Ridley Scott’s and James Cameron’s best work. The results were certainly disappointing, but Fincher brought a sense of darkness and unease to the party. Three years later he found the perfect project … Continue reading Se7en: A Tour of Sins

Benjamin Button: Living Counter-Clockwise

LIFE ISN’T MEASURED IN MINUTES, BUT IN MOMENTS. Whenever you watch a film by David Fincher, you expect a dark thriller that grabs you by the throat. That’s what built his career. But not this time. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fleshed-out take on an F. Scott Fitzgerald novella that looks like something Tim … Continue reading Benjamin Button: Living Counter-Clockwise

Zodiac: Killer, Liar, Enigma

THERE’S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO LOSE YOUR LIFE TO A KILLER. When David Fincher grew up in California, the killer known as the Zodiac was very real. Decades later when Fincher read James Vanderbilt’s screenplay he realized that he had been given the opportunity to make a film in the vein of All the President’s … Continue reading Zodiac: Killer, Liar, Enigma


THE BITCH IS BACK. After crash landing on a remote prison planet, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and the convicts find themselves fighting another monster. David Fincher, in his directing debut, had his work cut out; developing the “Alien” tale after the first two innovative parts wasn’t easy. Expectations were high. Number three may be set in … Continue reading Alien³