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Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

After finishing Manhattan, Woody Allen was desperately unhappy with the results. It went so far that Allen begged United Artists not to release it, offering to make another movie for free as long as Manhattan didn’t see the light of day. Fortunately, the studio refused the offer and released what has become one of the … Continue reading Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

Radio Days

One of Woody Allen’s most nostalgic features is a comedy-drama that takes us back to his childhood before and during World War II when radio was in the middle of its golden age. It’s a fictitious story but filled with the music and impressions that were part of the director’s New York City upbringing. Some … Continue reading Radio Days

Finding Dory

AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY SHE PROBABLY WON’T REMEMBER. One year after the events of Finding Nemo (2003), Dory begins to remember a few things about how she got separated from her parents; together with Marlin and Nemo, she sets out to find them. This 3D sequel is stunningly beautiful, showing just how amazingly technology is moving … Continue reading Finding Dory

Annie Hall: This Is 40

A NERVOUS ROMANCE.  In the film’s first scene, Woody Allen as Alvy Singer addresses his audience, letting us know that he recently turned 40 and that this landmark event has brought on a life crisis. It wasn’t really planned, but I happened to watch this movie for the first time in many years at exactly … Continue reading Annie Hall: This Is 40

And So It Goes

THERE ARE A MILLION REASONS NOT TO LIKE OREN LITTLE. JUST ASK EVERYONE. After suddenly being saddled with a nine-year-old granddaughter he didn’t know he had, grumpy and selfish realtor Oren Little (Michael Douglas) grows closer to his neighbor (Diane Keaton). The intended target audience of older women deserve better movies than this romantic comedy – … Continue reading And So It Goes

Diane Keaton Revisiting Her Life

Diane Keaton is a fascinating person. Just a week ago, I finished her first biography, “Then Again”, and just a few days later I learned that she has now written a second one called “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty”. Well, good for her – and us. Although I enjoyed and was moved by her first … Continue reading Diane Keaton Revisiting Her Life

Town & Country

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A SMALL AFFAIR. Two affluent New York City couples see their long-time marriages challenged by infidelity and new realizations. One of those regrettable projects that took years to complete and saw its budget balloon, only to end up as one of history’s worst box-office disasters. Starts out like a potential … Continue reading Town & Country

The Big Wedding

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START ACTING LIKE A FAMILY. When their adoptive son Alejandro (Ben Barnes) is about to get married, Don and Ellie (Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton), who are divorced, have to pretend to still be married in order to satisfy Alejandro’s biological mother. This remake of a French romantic comedy, Mon … Continue reading The Big Wedding

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Originally shown as a two-part event on the PBS show American Masters, this is Robert B. Weide’s fourth documentary on comedians, a frequently entertaining and engrossing look at one of the hardest working men in showbiz. Over the course of three hours we learn what motivates him, what makes him great and how he works … Continue reading Woody Allen: A Documentary

New Trailers: This Is 40, Playing for Keeps, The Big Wedding, Life of Pi

This Is 40 – The “sort-of-sequel” to Knocked Up (2007) is directed by Judd Apatow and seems to focus primarily on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters from that film as they approach their 40s. Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy and Albert Brooks also return in their roles. Fans of Girls might also be interested to note that Lena … Continue reading New Trailers: This Is 40, Playing for Keeps, The Big Wedding, Life of Pi

Morning Glory

BREAKFAST TV JUST GOT INTERESTING. Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is hired as the new executive producer of Daybreak, the struggling, number-four national morning show, and her first major challenge is to find a replacement for the co-host that she fires on her first day. Writer Aline Brosh McKenna delivers a script that shares similarities with her The … Continue reading Morning Glory

The Godfather III: Mea Maxima Culpa

REAL POWER CAN’T BE GIVEN. IT MUST BE TAKEN.  If you are a die-hard fan of the Godfather films you are supposed to hate the third one, but I find that very hard. I know, the only reason why Francis Ford Coppola seemed to make the movie was money, we’ve got George Hamilton instead of Robert Duvall, … Continue reading The Godfather III: Mea Maxima Culpa

The Godfather II: From Rags to Riches

The Godfather was an incredible achievement by Francis Ford Coppola. Making a sequel that meets at least some of the expectations is difficult enough, but actually exceeding them, creating another epic that is even more complex and just as entertaining as the first, is outstanding. As if that wasn’t enough, the director also put together a … Continue reading The Godfather II: From Rags to Riches