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Killing Jesus

National Geographic’s third TV movie to be based on Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s lightweight historical books takes on Christ with unimpressive results. The story of the carpenter’s life and death has been chronicled so many times that this adaptation, which is sorely lacking in ambition, is imminently forgettable. The focus lies on the Jewish … Continue reading Killing Jesus

Stardust Memories

Famous film director Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) is attending a retrospective of his work, while also recalling the women who inspired him over the years. A lot of people saw a lot of Woody in the director who’s constantly tormented by fans who consider his earlier, funnier movies better than the ones he’s making now. … Continue reading Stardust Memories

The Servant

SUBTLY, FASCINATINGLY… CORRUPTION BY CORRUPTION… THE SERVANT BECOMES MASTER… Young Londoner Tony (James Fox) hires Hugo (Dirk Bogarde) as his manservant, but Tony’s girlfriend (Wendy Craig) is suspicious of him and the relationship between master and servant begins to change discreetly… The first of director Joseph Losey’s three collaborations with Harold Pinter is the most … Continue reading The Servant

L’Avventura: After Anna

A NEW ADVENTURE IN FILMMAKING… The Cannes film festival is famous for its tumultuous screenings, but I wonder if there has ever been a change of heart as quickly as what happened to L’Avventura in 1960. At the premiere screening, the audience became so hostile that director Michelangelo Antonioni and star Monica Vitti reportedly fled … Continue reading L’Avventura: After Anna

King Cobra

BE WILLING TO GO ALL THE WAY.  Young Sean Lockhart (Garrett Clayton) becomes a gay porn sensation, but when two fledgling producers (James Franco, Keegan Allen) want to use him for a movie, a conflict turns deadly… The story of how real-life porn star Brent Corrigan started out and became involved in the murder investigation … Continue reading King Cobra

Dolores Claiborne: Island of Misery

SOMETIMES, AN ACCIDENT CAN BE AN UNHAPPY WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND.  During a critical scene between Dolores Claiborne (Kathy Bates) and her abusive husband Joe (David Strathairn), she tells him that he’s likely to end up in Shawshank Prison. Fans of Stephen King will recognize this as a typical sign that the story takes place in … Continue reading Dolores Claiborne: Island of Misery

The Founder

HE TOOK SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEA AND AMERICA ATE IT UP.  In 1954, mediocre salesman Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) meets the McDonald brothers (Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch) who’ve come up with novel ideas for their hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino; Ray immediately sees a chance to make money. The birth of the world’s biggest chain … Continue reading The Founder

Big Little Lies

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIE. A star-studded miniseries that takes us to an affluent Monterey community and primarily its women. At first, we in the audience learn that police are investigating a murder but the victim remains a secret to us until the last episode. What plays out before that is a stylishly directed soap opera … Continue reading Big Little Lies

Streetcar Named Desire: The Polish Brute and the Southern Belle

… WHEN SHE GOT THERE SHE MET THE BRUTE STAN, AND THE SIDE OF NEW ORLEANS SHE HARDLY KNEW EXISTED. Tennessee Williams’s play ”A Streetcar Named Desire” opened on Broadway in 1947 to rave reviews, earning Williams a Pulitzer Prize the following year. The original production must have been something to behold – that was … Continue reading Streetcar Named Desire: The Polish Brute and the Southern Belle

Patriots Day

THE INSIDE STORY OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST MANHUNT.  When two bombs go off during the 2013 Boston Marathon, the whole city (including Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg)) become involved in the hunt for the terrorists, two brothers. The third time Peter Berg and Wahlberg collaborate on a reality-based drama about Men Surviving a Crisis … Continue reading Patriots Day

Thirteen Days

YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE HOW CLOSE WE CAME.  In October 1962, White House advisor Kenneth O’Donnell (Kevin Costner) becomes a witness to how President John F. Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) challenges a Soviet decision to put missiles in Cuba capable of delivering a nuclear strike on the U.S. The ultimate screen portrait of the Cuban missile crisis … Continue reading Thirteen Days