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Baby Driver: Delivering for Doc

ALL YOU NEED IS ONE KILLER TRACK.  Director Edgar Wright had been thinking about making this movie for two decades before it finally happened. Those who know their Wright oeuvre might recognize the basic idea from a music video he made in 2003, ”Blue Song” for Mint Royale, featuring the British comedian Noel Fielding as … Continue reading Baby Driver: Delivering for Doc

Martin Landau 1928-2017

In the clip above, film historian Neal Gabler talks to Martin Landau in 2008. The actor does a great impression of Woody Allen and talks about the ambiguous sexuality of his character in North by Northwest (1959). Which obviously gives Landau a reason to imitate Alfred Hitchcock as well. We lost Martin Landau two days ago … Continue reading Martin Landau 1928-2017

Two Directors, Two Masterpieces

We lost two filmmakers last week who made a masterpiece each and then were largely forgotten, except by cineastes. We’ll always cherish The Deer Hunter (1978) and The Wicker Man (1973), but there’s more to say about Michael Cimino and Robin Hardy. The clip above has Cimino providing commentary to The Deer Hunter and talking more generally about his memories of … Continue reading Two Directors, Two Masterpieces

Farewell, Two Comedy Legends

News reached us today that legendary British comedian Ronnie Corbett is dead. A week ago, we learned that legendary American comedian Garry Shandling is dead. Every news report tells us how Britain and/or Hollywood are mourning these men. Every news report gives us the highlights of their careers, telling us why they were beloved and … Continue reading Farewell, Two Comedy Legends

Simon Pegg Turns 45… And Perhaps Invincible

Happy birthday to Simon Pegg, who turns 45 years old today. Is the Brit about to become a true power player in Hollywood? In the Conan clip above, Pegg shows off a key to his success – he’s immensely likable, sociable and funny as a talkshow guest. It’s kind of typical that he’s doing a shtick about the … Continue reading Simon Pegg Turns 45… And Perhaps Invincible

The World’s End

PREPARE TO GET ANNIHILATED.  Ne’er-do-well Gary King (Simon Pegg) gathers his old friends for a pub crawl in their hometown of Newton Haven, little dreaming that they’ll get wrapped up in a global battle… Edgar Wright ends what he and trusted partner Pegg have labeled the “Cornetto Trilogy” (after Shaun of the Dead and Hot … Continue reading The World’s End

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

GET THE HOT GIRL. DEFEAT HER EVIL EXES. HIT LOVE WHERE IT HURTS.  22-year-old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) falls in love with a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who has a mysterious past, but in order to date her he must defeat her seven evil exes. Director Edgar Wright knows how to maintain one’s interest and … Continue reading Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Planet Terror

FULLY LOADED. A deadly biochemical agent is released into the air, turning its victims into zombies; a group of survivors in Texas try to save themselves. Director Robert Rodriguez’s homage to old 1970s sleaze flicks certainly looks like one (there’s even a reel “missing”!) and goes very nicely together with Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. This film may … Continue reading Planet Terror

Hot Fuzz

BIG COPS. SMALL TOWN. MODERATE VIOLENCE. Super cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is so good that he’s making the rest of the Met look bad; he’s transferred to a sleepy village where he stumbles upon a vast murder conspiracy. The Edgar Wright-Pegg duo followed up on their hit Shaun of the Dead (2004) with another largely hilarious comedy. … Continue reading Hot Fuzz