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Highlights from 90 Years of Oscars

The first Academy Awards were handed out back in 1929. The “show” looked decidedly different then – it was in fact a dinner, the ceremony itself took 15 minutes and the awards had already been announced three weeks earlier. There were also far fewer categories. The first winner was Wings (1927), a film that is chiefly … Continue reading Highlights from 90 Years of Oscars

Finding Dory

AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY SHE PROBABLY WON’T REMEMBER. One year after the events of Finding Nemo (2003), Dory begins to remember a few things about how she got separated from her parents; together with Marlin and Nemo, she sets out to find them. This 3D sequel is stunningly beautiful, showing just how amazingly technology is moving … Continue reading Finding Dory

Finding Nemo: Beyond the Sea

SEA IT. One of the best films of 2003 was animated and primarily targeted at kids. That may lead some to think less of it, but it is a piece of art that should charm anyone who sits through it. Director Andrew Stanton’s work shows Pixar at its very best, at the peak of its … Continue reading Finding Nemo: Beyond the Sea

Doctor Dolittle

HE DOESN’T JUST TALK TO THE ANIMALS! Doctor John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) discovers that he can talk to animals, which hasn’t happened since he was a kid. This remake of the 1967 Rex Harrison vehicle is more reminiscent of The Nutty Professor (1996), with its special effects and bathroom jokes. The best part is how … Continue reading Doctor Dolittle

Ed tv

THE STORY OF A NOBODY EVERYBODY IS WATCHING! Video-store clerk Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to be the center of a new reality show, having cameras follow him 24-7; the ensuing chaos hurts people close to him, including a would-be girlfriend (Jenna Elfman). Director Ron Howard’s film is a well-made comedy with a pleasant cast, including … Continue reading Ed tv