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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

RAISED ON THE STREETS. BORN TO BE KING.  Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) is transported from Londinium to the sword Excalibur along with other young men as part of King Vortigern’s (Jude Law) attempt to find and kill the rightful heir to the throne. Another fanciful attempt, this time in 3D, to give the King Arthur tale … Continue reading King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Special Correspondents

FAKE NEWS. REAL DISASTER.  When New York City news radio reporter Frank Bonneville (Eric Bana) and his sound technician (Ricky Gervais) accidentally lose their passports, they  stay put in the city and fake reports from a war-torn Ecuador. This remake of the French 2009 comedy of the same title starts out as a mildly amusing … Continue reading Special Correspondents

Lone Survivor

LIVE TO TELL THE STORY.  In June, 2005, four Navy SEALS are sent on a mission in Afghanistan’s Kunar province to kill a Taliban leader, but everything goes wrong… This fact-based account was made on the cheap, but director Peter Berg nevertheless paints a credible portrait of Navy SEALS and the claustrophobic, desperate battle that … Continue reading Lone Survivor

The Other Boleyn Girl

IN A TIME WHEN A WOMAN’S DESTINY WAS DETERMINED BY HER FATHER, ONE SISTER FOLLOWED THE RULES. THE OTHER DEFIED THEM.  In 1520s England, Queen Catherine is unable to give Henry VIII (Eric Bana) a son and the King’s attention wanders to two beautiful sisters, the Boleyns (Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson)… The story of Anne … Continue reading The Other Boleyn Girl

Funny People

GEORGE SIMMONS WAS PREPARED TO DIE, BUT THEN A FUNNY THING HAPPENED. Star comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler) is told that he has a terminal disease; since he has no friends but tons of money, he hires a struggling stand-up talent (Seth Rogen) as an assistant. Director Judd Apatow’s most serious film to date would … Continue reading Funny People

Star Trek

THE FUTURE BEGINS. This reboot is primarily meant to be a respectful new take on the franchise aiming to satisfy the fans and attract new ones, as we follow James T. Kirk’s upbringing, how he joined the Starfleet Academy and came to meet the crew members we all love from the old movies. At the … Continue reading Star Trek

Lucky You

CHANGE YOUR GAME. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Brilliant Vegas poker player Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is gearing up for the World Series of Poker, but his father (Robert Duvall), whom he hates, has also arrived in town and knows how to throw Huck off his game. It’s hard to think of any poker movies worth your … Continue reading Lucky You

Black Hawk Down

LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND. This thundering movie takes us to Somalia in 1993 when American troops were drawn into a conflict that taught the U.S. Army a painful lesson; 18 soldiers were killed in Mogadishu. Some criticized Ridley Scott for showing the Somalis as nothing but faceless murderers, and of ignoring important aspects of the … Continue reading Black Hawk Down

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Clare and Henry (Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana) fall in love and get married, but their relationship is both strengthened and challenged by his involuntary time traveling to different periods of his life. This concept usually involves some professor who’s invented a time-traveling machine, so presenting it as a painful condition is a fresh take. Bruce … Continue reading The Time Traveler’s Wife

Finding Nemo: Beyond the Sea

SEA IT. One of the best films of 2003 was animated and primarily targeted at kids. That may lead some to think less of it, but it is a piece of art that should charm anyone who sits through it. Director Andrew Stanton’s work shows Pixar at its very best, at the peak of its … Continue reading Finding Nemo: Beyond the Sea