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My 12 Favorite Films

Compiling a list of what you believe are the greatest films ever made is a daunting task. Every critic and movie buff has a more or less available list hidden somewhere in their minds (or plainly written down, carefully cultivated). I have resisted to do the latter for many years, even though my list really … Continue reading My 12 Favorite Films

On the Waterfront: The End of Mob Rule

THE MAN LIVED BY THE JUNGLE LAW OF THE DOCKS! In 1949, investigative journalist Malcolm Johnson won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles he had written for the New York Sun. Titled “Crime on the Waterfront”, the series portrayed corruption and influence of organized crime in the ports of New York City. Four … Continue reading On the Waterfront: The End of Mob Rule

The Sandpiper

SHE GAVE MEN A TASTE OF LIFE THAT MADE THEM HUNGER FOR MORE. The authorities force beatnik Laura Reynolds’s (Elizabeth Taylor) young son to attend a school run by a priest (Richard Burton); the two adults’ initial antagonism turns into affection, but he’s married. One of director Vincente Minnelli’s last films is a traditional love … Continue reading The Sandpiper

North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble

THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE PRESENTS A 3000-MILE CHASE ACROSS AMERICA! According to one biography on Alfred Hitchcock, it was Bernard Herrmann who introduced screenwriter Ernest Lehman to the director. They hit it off and decided to make a movie together. Lehman told the director that he wanted to do the ultimate Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock then … Continue reading North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble

Superman Returns

Five years after the events in Superman II (1981), the Man of Steel (Brandon Routh) returns to Earth only to find that Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) has a son and a new man in her life… and Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is once again up to no good. Bryan Singer turned out to be the … Continue reading Superman Returns