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HER STORY BEGINS WHERE HER LIFE ENDS.  A murder mystery that came in the shape of this miniseries and a mobile app featuring the same footage but allowing viewers to choose perspective. Innovative, but what matters for this review is the presentation of the miniseries. The story follows two timelines; the relationships between a successful … Continue reading Mosaic

Inside Llewyn Davies

New York City, 1961; folk singer Llewyn Davies’s (Oscar Isaac) solo album isn’t selling and every night he’s trying to find new gigs and a place to sleep. That’s the situation we find him in, and that’s the situation we’ll leave him in, in this pre-Dylan portrayal of the early ’60s folk scene. The Coen … Continue reading Inside Llewyn Davies

Four Brothers

THEY CAME HOME TO BURY MOM… AND HER KILLER.  When their mother is shot dead in a supermarket, four adopted brothers reunite in Detroit to find and kill the murderers. John Singleton goes Death Wish (1974) on us with this violent and ultimately rather nasty action thriller. Very well made in some respects, but it … Continue reading Four Brothers