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I Am Michael

ONE MAN. TWO LIVES.  After suffering panic attacks that he initially mistakes for a heart condition, gay activist Michael Glatze (James Franco) finds God and starts turning his back on his sexuality. The real-life story of a man who chose the Christian right over his old life is a sad portrait of a man who’s … Continue reading I Am Michael

La Cage aux Folles

THE COMEDY THAT COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET! Saint-Tropez nightclub owner Renato Baldi (Ugo Tognazzi) and his partner, dragshow performer Albin (Michel Serrault), face a challenge – convincing Renato’s son’s future in-laws that they are a perfectly normal, conservative family. A successful play became an even greater international hit as a movie. The material may … Continue reading La Cage aux Folles

Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

We’re one week away from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ignore the dreary semifinals leading up to it) and I feel as conflicted as ever. The shows are simultaneously ridiculous and glorious. The quality is often shoddy, production-wise and musically, and the shows always go on too long. The obvious answer would be to cap … Continue reading Eurovision’s Silliest Acts

King Cobra

BE WILLING TO GO ALL THE WAY.  Young Sean Lockhart (Garrett Clayton) becomes a gay porn sensation, but when two fledgling producers (James Franco, Keegan Allen) want to use him for a movie, a conflict turns deadly… The story of how real-life porn star Brent Corrigan started out and became involved in the murder investigation … Continue reading King Cobra

Moonlight: Three Shades of Blue

THIS IS THE STORY OF A LIFETIME.  I love the poster for this film. The colors are deep shades of blue, purple and cyan and the three faces of the lead character have been fused into one powerful image. Symbolizing different stages of the character in the film, it’s also a reference to the title … Continue reading Moonlight: Three Shades of Blue

Pride: Stronger Together

In January 2015, it was reported that the American DVD release of the British hit Pride lacked any references to its gay content. The most stunning example was that someone had actually erased a banner with the words ”lesbian” and ”gay” written on it from the cover of the DVD. The rest of the image … Continue reading Pride: Stronger Together

Out in the Dark

LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES. Palestinian psychology student Nimer Mashrawi (Nicholas Jacob) falls in love with an Israeli attorney (Michael Aloni), but needs to keep it a secret from his family for cultural and practical reasons. The director’s feature debut is a classic love story where the character’s infatuation is the only pure thing, threatened by … Continue reading Out in the Dark

Something Must Break

Sebastian (Saga Becker) meets Andreas (Iggy Malmborg) and falls in love with him; as their relationship evolves, Andreas finds it hard to accept that he’s fallen for a guy, and Sebastian begins to acknowledge the woman inside of himself. The screenwriters’ last film together was essentially a quasi-documentary conversation between them in a bathtub. This … Continue reading Something Must Break

Why Not Make Captain Kirk Bisexual Instead?

When the decision was made to reboot the Star Trek concept back in 2009, resulting in J.J. Abrams’s movie, it was obvious that decades had passed since the original TV show and maybe new generations would view things differently. However, that film and its sequel made an effort of honoring what came before them. This summer it … Continue reading Why Not Make Captain Kirk Bisexual Instead?