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The Hustler: Chained to a Table

THEY CALLED HIM “FAST EDDIE”… HE WAS A WINNER… HE WAS A LOSER… HE WAS A HUSTLER. There was a time when Frank Sinatra wanted to turn Walter Tevis’s novel “The Hustler” into a movie. I can see why he was intrigued, especially since Sinatra played a heroin addict in The Man With the Golden … Continue reading The Hustler: Chained to a Table

24 Best Christmas Movies, Part 3:4

Two weeks into December. This is one of my favourite months and what better way to get into the spirit than watching classic Christmas movies? I have assembled a list of 24 Yuletide favorites – and ranked them from worst to best. Mind you, worst in this case means that they are still good, just not up there with … Continue reading 24 Best Christmas Movies, Part 3:4

Hollywood Christmas 3:4

One year ago, I featured a Yuletide countdown to Christmas from December 1st on my old website. This year, allow me to summarize the best of it in four chapters. A look back on scenes, movies and TV shows that make you want to go dashing through the snow. “Spending a week in Mexico with some … Continue reading Hollywood Christmas 3:4

The Yellow Rolls-Royce

EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN THE YELLOW ROLLS-ROYCE! Following the success of The V.I.P.s (1963), the Anthony Asquith-Terence Rattigan duo reunited for another stylish piece of fluff where wealthy people deal with love and betrayal. The movie is divided into three chapters, set in different decades, anchored by a yellow Rolls-Royce; the first introduces us to an … Continue reading The Yellow Rolls-Royce


THE SCHOOL IS OUR HOME, WE THINK IT’S WORTH DEFENDING. Bunker Hill Military Academy is about to be closed; the young cadets refuse to accept that and occupy the school with military means. A bunch of well-armed kids defending their school like it’s the Alamo may not count as a very believable concept, especially since … Continue reading Taps

Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!

THE HOT-LINE SUSPENSE COMEDY.   When Stanley Kubrick decided to turn Peter George’s Cold War novel “Red Alert” into a movie, he must have thought the material was too outrageous to be taken seriously. He started writing the script, but brought Terry Southern into the procedure to emphasize what might be funny about the doomsday … Continue reading Dr. Strangelove: Bombs Away!

A Christmas Carol

A NEW POWERFUL PRESENTATION OF THE MOST LOVED GHOST STORY OF ALL TIME!   Charles Dickens’s ghost story would probably survive even the most slapdash filmization, but this TV movie is not one of those. It is a distinguished version where the filmmakers succeed in creating an atmosphere soaked in the emotions of Christmases past. … Continue reading A Christmas Carol