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Twilight Zone – The Movie

ON JUNE 24TH, FOUR ACCLAIMED DIRECTORS, GEORGE MILLER, JOHN LANDIS, JOE DANTE AND STEVEN SPIELBERG, TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER DIMENSION.  The classic TV series that ran from 1959-1964 gets a big-screen adaptation where four episodes are reinterpreted by an excellent bunch of filmmakers; there’s also a very amusing prologue featuring Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks. … Continue reading Twilight Zone – The Movie

Mad Max Fury Road: We Did Need Another Hero

ONLY THE MAD SURVIVE. Who in their right mind believed in a fourth Mad Max? Most fans and critics agree that the first two films were classics and the third one not so much. In the early 2000s, when it seemed as if director George Miller had moved on, he started preparing for a fourth … Continue reading Mad Max Fury Road: We Did Need Another Hero

Mad Max 2: Star Wars Aussie-Style

WHEN ALL THAT’S LEFT IS ONE LAST CHANCE, PRAY THAT HE’S STILL OUT THERE… SOMEWHERE! Mad Max (1979) has been described as a key film in the Australian New Wave. Heavily debated because of the violence, it was recognized internationally as an influential dystopian vigilante piece. The director, George Miller, never had any intention to … Continue reading Mad Max 2: Star Wars Aussie-Style

Happy Feet

WARNING: MAY CAUSE TOE-TAPPING. In Antarctica a very special emperor penguin called Mumble is born; unlike all the others he can dance but not sing, which makes his life a lot harder. A film that starts cute and corny, with the penguins performing “Kiss” by Prince, and that silliness recurs too often for my taste; I … Continue reading Happy Feet