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Dangerous Liaisons: Fun and Games in Ancien Régime France

LUST. SEDUCTION. REVENGE. THE GAME AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN IT PLAYED BEFORE.  In 1782, four volumes of the epistolary novel ”Les Liaisons Dangereuses” were published in France. Written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, the novel depicts scandalous sexual intrigues among aristocrats and has been seen as a politically dangerous morality tale of the behavior of … Continue reading Dangerous Liaisons: Fun and Games in Ancien Régime France

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

THIS SUMMER, THE GALAXY WON’T SAVE ITSELF.  When Rocket steals valuable batteries from a hostile race, the Guardians of the Galaxy are hunted – and saved by a man (Kurt Russell) who claims to be Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) father. This 3D sequel delivers exactly what fans of the first movie expect – colorful battles … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


AN IMMORTAL LEGEND. AS YOU’VE ONLY IMAGINED. In the 19th century, a British couple is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa; when they’re subsequently killed by a leopard, their infant son is raised by gorillas. Edgar Rice Burrough’s story became the basis for one of the last box-office hits that Disney had during its great … Continue reading Tarzan

Guardians of the Galaxy

WHEN THINGS GET BAD, THEY’LL DO THEIR WORST. Somewhere in outer space, a human pilot (Chris Pratt) lays his hands on an orb that contains powerful forces and is immediately hunted; along the way, he befriends a motley gang of warriors and adventurers. Another mighty Marvel adventure in 3D, but this time with heavy emphasis … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy

Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

When Glenn Kessler, his younger brother Todd and Daniel Zelman got together to create a new legal show, their idea was not to follow the same path as Law & Order or David E. Kelley. There would be no lengthy courtroom showdowns, or any Boston Legal-type comedy stunts. In fact, Damages was serious business and … Continue reading Damages: Power and Personal Ruin

Albert Nobbs

WE ARE ALL DISGUISED AS OURSELVES. In 19th century Dublin, a woman (Glenn Close) has created a life for herself as a man, working in a hotel as a waiter. Close’s labor of love, a role she first played on stage in 1982, finally reached the screens; reviews were mixed and the box office disappointing, … Continue reading Albert Nobbs

Reversal of Fortune: Having a Crack at Claus

THE CASE OF CLAUS VON BÜLOW. AN AMERICAN SAGA OF MONEY AND MYSTERY. Three years after winning an Oscar for playing him, Jeremy Irons met the real life Claus Von Bülow. This was their first encounter. Von Bülow told Irons that he had heard of his old lawyer Alan Dershowitz representing Mike Tyson and Leona … Continue reading Reversal of Fortune: Having a Crack at Claus

The Shield: Infernal Affairs

When I was a teenager I used to watch The Commish (1991-1995), a police procedural with a sense of humor. The show starred Michael Chiklis as an easy-going, affable, chunky and balding police commissioner in a small New York town who always did the right thing. Fast-forward a decade and Chiklis was back on TV in something … Continue reading The Shield: Infernal Affairs

Jagged Edge

WHEN A MURDER CASE IS THIS SHOCKING, WHICH DO YOU TRUST? YOUR EMOTIONS OR YOUR EVIDENCE? When a wealthy woman is brutally murdered one night, her husband (Jeff Bridges) becomes a suspect; his attorney (Glenn Close) doesn’t know what to think. One of the earliest films to employ a thriller formula that writer Joe Eszterhas would … Continue reading Jagged Edge

Fatal Attraction: Lock Up Your Pets

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DRINKS, DINNER AND A ONE NIGHT STAND, LIES A TERRIFYING LOVE STORY.  Modern audiences might find it hard to understand why this film was such a hit in the late 1980s, but that’s to be expected since so many subsequent movies have imitated Fatal Attraction, not least its sensational ending. How … Continue reading Fatal Attraction: Lock Up Your Pets

The Paper

NEVER LET THE TRUTH GET IN THE WAY OF A GOOD STORY. New York City tabloid editor Henry Hackett (Michael Keaton) begins perhaps the toughest day of his life; the most difficult decision he has to make concerns his future at the paper. A portrayal of life at a big-city tabloid is easy for film … Continue reading The Paper