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Sea of Love

DECEPTION IS DANGEROUS. DESIRE IS DEADLY. In a novel attempt to catch a serial killer who shoots men after finding them in the newspaper singles column, New York city detective Frank Keller (Al Pacino) places his own ad in the paper… On first sight, this thriller doesn’t look like much; the final revelation of the … Continue reading Sea of Love

City Hall

IT STARTED WITH A SHOOTOUT ON A RAINSWEPT STREET AND ENDED IN A SCANDAL THAT SHATTERED NEW YORK CITY. When a cop, a criminal and a little boy are shot to death on a NYC street, Deputy Mayor Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack) becomes interested in the case and its peculiar details. Based upon experiences made by former NYC Deputy Mayor … Continue reading City Hall


THE SCHOOL IS OUR HOME, WE THINK IT’S WORTH DEFENDING. Bunker Hill Military Academy is about to be closed; the young cadets refuse to accept that and occupy the school with military means. A bunch of well-armed kids defending their school like it’s the Alamo may not count as a very believable concept, especially since … Continue reading Taps

Domestic Disturbance

HE WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT HIS FAMILY. 12-year-old Matt O’Leary (Danny Morrison) learns that mom’s new boyfriend (Vince Vaughn) is a very rotten apple and the only one who believes him is his father (John Travolta). Another cheap thriller from director Harold Becker. Only virtues are the performances from Vaughn as the pleasant but … Continue reading Domestic Disturbance