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A Farewell to Two Supporting Stars

This past week, two highly talented actors who shone in supporting parts passed away.  Emma Chambers, born in 1964 in Doncaster, England, was best known to some people for Notting Hill (1999) as the kooky younger sister of Hugh Grant’s character. But to me, she’ll always be the lovably dense Alice Tinker on The Vicar of Dibley (1994-2007). In … Continue reading A Farewell to Two Supporting Stars

Paddington 2

IT TAKES A BEAR TO CATCH A THIEF.  Paddington the bear has created a nice life for himself with the Brown family, but everything changes the day he is accused of having stolen a peculiar pop-up book of London sights…. A sequel that does everything right and maintains the same cheerful, kind and funny spirit … Continue reading Paddington 2

Notting Hill

CAN THE MOST FAMOUS FILM STAR IN THE WORLD FALL FOR JUST AN ORDINARY GUY? The most popular movie star in Hollywood (Julia Roberts) meets a London book-store owner (Hugh Grant) and they fall in love… but can a romance like that work out? Writer Richard Curtis reunited with his Four Weddings and a Funeral … Continue reading Notting Hill

Florence Foster Jenkins

THE INSPIRING TRUE STORY OF THE WORLD’S WORST SINGER. In 1944, pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg) is hired to accompany New York City socialite and amateur soprano Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) and learns to his great amusement that she can’t get one tone right. The real-life story of Jenkins who loved music, was encouraged … Continue reading Florence Foster Jenkins

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

A HIGHER CLASS OF HERO. In 1963, the CIA and the KGB team up, forcing their top agents (Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer) to reluctantly cooperate on a case where Nazi sympathizers might get their hands on a nuke. After taking on the world of Sherlock Holmes with amusing results, Guy Ritchie turned to a classic … Continue reading The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

IT’S A PLUNDERFUL LIFE.  An unsuccessful pirate captain and his crew capture Charles Darwin who talks them into sailing to London for a contest that has a valuable prize… but Queen Victoria has threatened to execute every pirate. Another fabulous Aardman movie, this time in 3D, with a smooth blend of stop-motion clay and computer … Continue reading The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Cloud Atlas

EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The Wachowski siblings hooked up with Tom Tykwer for this unwieldy adaptation of David Mitchell’s ambitious novel that connects several plot lines over six eras, from the 19th century to the distant, post-apocalyptic future. There is coherence in terms of details and overarching themes and it’s a treat to watch a cast … Continue reading Cloud Atlas

Remains of the Day: Duty Above All

It happens, although not very often, that a filmmaker creates two masterpieces in a row. James Ivory and his team had barely released and received Oscars for Howards End (1992) when they made The Remains of the Day. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that virtually everyone who was involved in the E.M. Forster adaptation … Continue reading Remains of the Day: Duty Above All

American Dreamz

IMAGINE A COUNTRY WHERE THE PRESIDENT NEVER READS THE NEWSPAPER, WHERE THE GOVERNMENT GOES TO WAR FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS, AND MORE PEOPLE VOTE FOR A POP IDOL THAN THEIR NEXT PRESIDENT.  Director Paul Weitz is almost overreaching here. We’re introduced to the quite depressed U.S. President (Dennis Quaid), the cynical host (Hugh Grant) … Continue reading American Dreamz

Love Actually

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Writer Richard Curtis’s directing debut is one big, loveable mess, a romantic comedy with a huge cast of people who keep falling in love with each other. There are too many of them actually, the stories are unremarkable and they don’t always mix in a satisfying way. But there are … Continue reading Love Actually

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

SAME BRIDGET. BRAND NEW DIARY. Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is very happy with Mark (Colin Firth), but trouble is brewing in the shape of jealousy – and the return of Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). This sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) is the kind of film that doesn’t demand your full attention. Never abandoning the formula, … Continue reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason