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The Force Awakens: Saving Another Franchise

EVERY GENERATION HAS A STORY. There are some people out there who call themselves fans of Star Wars but still prefer to pretend like the trilogy of prequels that George Lucas created in 1999-2005 never happened, even though they were as excited about them before the premiere as they are now when the saga continues … Continue reading The Force Awakens: Saving Another Franchise

Star Wars Teasers – Now and Then

“There’s been an awakening… have you felt it?” After an amazing build-up today that felt like the entire Internet was standing still in anticipation of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we finally got to see what all the fuss was about… and it was beautiful to behold. Just listening to the … Continue reading Star Wars Teasers – Now and Then

Star Trek: Into Darkness

BEYOND THE DARKNESS, LIES GREATNESS. After an attack on Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco, the main suspect (Benedict Cumberbatch) hides on Klingon territory and is pursued by a vengeful Kirk (Chris Pine) and his crew. The sequel to Star Trek (2009) is equally impressive, boasting beautiful visual effects (now in 3D that looks great even … Continue reading Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

He’s not selling out, he’s buying in. In Super Size Me (2004), Morgan Spurlock spent a month eating nothing but McDonald’s food. In this documentary, he’s selling out to any company that’s prepared to invest in his new movie about product placement and advertising in TV shows and films. Spurlock sure likes to subject himself … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Super 8: Monster Mash

IT ARRIVES. Director J.J. Abrams’s first major collaboration with Steven Spielberg prompted David Edelstein of New York Magazine to spell it out: “Abrams has probably been fighting not to reproduce Spielberg’s signature moves since the day he picked up a camera. Now, with the blessing of the master, he can plagiarize with alacrity.” Super 8 is not … Continue reading Super 8: Monster Mash

Lost: Monsters and Hatches and Polar Bears, Oh My!

  In early 2004, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof took the concept for Lost that had been created by Jeffrey Lieber and turned it into something ABC felt comfortable to spend money on. Basic ideas and thoughts for a project that would run four or five seasons were outlined. The pilot became one of the most expensive ever shot … Continue reading Lost: Monsters and Hatches and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Star Trek

THE FUTURE BEGINS. This reboot is primarily meant to be a respectful new take on the franchise aiming to satisfy the fans and attract new ones, as we follow James T. Kirk’s upbringing, how he joined the Starfleet Academy and came to meet the crew members we all love from the old movies. At the … Continue reading Star Trek

Alias: Trust No One

When college student Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) joined SD-6, a secret branch of the CIA, she had no idea that her father already was a CIA agent and that her dead mother was in fact alive, but on the run from the U.S. government after turning into a supervillain in the grandest of James Bond traditions. That was … Continue reading Alias: Trust No One

Mission Impossible III: Alias Writ Large

Most filmmakers start their careers making small, low-budget features that, if they’re lucky, could be slated for a festival. Others start out by directing a $150,000 000 blockbuster starring Tom Cruise. Then again, J.J. Abrams isn’t just anyone. He is after all the guy who created such TV hits as Alias and Lost. It was allegedly Cruise who … Continue reading Mission Impossible III: Alias Writ Large

Six Degrees of Separation

FOR PAUL, EVERY PERSON IS A NEW DOOR TO A NEW WORLD.  A wealthy art dealer couple (Stockard Channing, Donald Sutherland) allow a young, articulated man (Will Smith) who claims to be a friend of their kids into their home and lives, but he has an ulterior agenda. An effective adaptation of the Broadway hit … Continue reading Six Degrees of Separation