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Big Hero 6

14-year-old Hiro is a robotics genius with a brilliant future ahead of him at a prestigious university, but a sudden tragedy takes him in a different, dangerous direction. Disney’s first animated Marvel movie is an unexpectedly successful collaboration that brings out the best from both studios. Attractive entertainment in beautiful 3D for both kids and … Continue reading Big Hero 6

Final Predictions for the Emmys

Since tonight is the Primetime Emmy Awards, the time is ripe for final predictions.  DRAMA: Drama Series: Breaking Bad. Actor: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad. Will face real competition from Kevin Spacey of House of Cards. Actress: Claire Danes, Homeland. A tough category; Kerry Washington of Scandal is also a good bet. Supporting Actor: Mandy Patinkin, Homeland. Supporting Actress: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad. Directing: House of Cards. … Continue reading Final Predictions for the Emmys

The Emmy Race Right Now

Behind the Candelabra ruled last night at the Creative Arts Emmys, scoring eight awards. Bob Newhart, Melissa Leo, Carrie Preston and Dan Bucatinsky picked up guest acting Emmys for their appearances on The Big Bang Show, Louie, The Good Wife and Scandal. Neil Patrick Harris, who did such a good job of hosting the Tony Awards, received an Emmy for that. … Continue reading The Emmy Race Right Now


THE IMPOSSIBLE TRUE STORY. In the late 1960s, Colorado housewife Penny Chenery Tweedy (Diane Lane) takes over her ailing father’s (Scott Glenn) thoroughbred racing operation in Virginia even though it’s a huge gamble. Another well-made Disney movie about a real-life success story from the world of sports (not unlike Miracle (2004)) that has good performances, … Continue reading Secretariat

The Artist: A Silent Treatment

  Michel Hazanavicius is obviously a man who loves the cinema. French audiences know his OSS 117 films, spoofs of the spy genre, and he had allegedly been thinking about making a silent film for a long time when the opportunity finally came. We don’t see many of those these days; the last one to receive wide distribution … Continue reading The Artist: A Silent Treatment

Murder by Death

BY THE TIME THE WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVES FIGURE OUT WHODUNNIT… YOU COULD DIE LAUGHING!   Six of the world’s greatest detectives gather at a remote mansion, but are not prepared for the mysterious host’s (Truman Capote) deadly games… This film is a delight for anyone who knows how to appreciate Neil Simon’s sense of humor as … Continue reading Murder by Death

The Green Mile

Miracles happen in the most unexpected places.   In 1935, Louisiana prison guard Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) discovers that one of the men on death row, John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), has special gifts and starts thinking that maybe he’s innocent. Director Frank Darabont makes another trip to the well that brought us the successful Shawshank Redemption (1994). … Continue reading The Green Mile

Becoming Jane

HER OWN LIFE IS HER GREATEST INSPIRATION. After all the movies based on Jane Austen’s novels, the time was right to take a look at her own life and see how it compared to the fictional romances. This take, based on letters Austen once wrote, resembles “Pride & Prejudice” but the events of her youth … Continue reading Becoming Jane

W: Aiming to Please

A life misunderestimated. When my brother and I sat down to watch this film in a theater on 42nd Street in New York, there was a couple of guys next to us who laughed out loud whenever Josh Brolin in the guise of George W. Bush did something silly. They obviously belonged to the crowd … Continue reading W: Aiming to Please

Six Feet Under: Death Is the Beginning

In the beginning of the last episode of this show, one almost expected the opening to fade to white with the following written in black: “Six Feet Under 2001-2005”. That’s how every episode started. Someone would die, the scene faded to white and the person’s life was summed up as simply as possible. Just a … Continue reading Six Feet Under: Death Is the Beginning

Spider-Man 3

HOW LONG CAN ANY MAN FIGHT THE DARKNESS… BEFORE HE FINDS IT IN HIMSELF? Life is sweet for Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), but there’s clouds on the horizon in the shape of heartbreak, a strange force from outer space, and new villains. Spidey has a lot on his plate in this film and it tends … Continue reading Spider-Man 3

The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy

  I remember turning on the TV early on the morning of August 31, 1997. CNN was just telling the world that Princess Diana had died in a car crash in Paris. She had turned into a beloved icon and it was hard to believe that she had just died at the tender age of 36. Still, … Continue reading The Queen: Seven Days That Shook the Monarchy