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Exorcist II: The Heretic

IT’S FOUR YEARS LATER… WHAT DOES SHE REMEMBER? Father Philip Lamont (Richard Burton) starts investigating what happened to Father Merrin (Max von Sydow); Regan (Linda Blair) survived his exorcism, but the demon remains inside of her. This sequel ignores the fact that the girl did lose the demon in the original film. Whatever. Out of the … Continue reading Exorcist II: The Heretic

Scary Movie 4

THE FOURTH AND FINAL CHAPTER OF THE TRILOGY. Cindy (Anna Faris) moves into a haunted house and familiarizes herself with the neighbor (Craig Bierko)… but then aliens attack Earth. Director David Zucker’s second stab at this franchise mainly spoofs War of the Worlds (2005), but includes many other parodies, such as one of The Village (2004) that is … Continue reading Scary Movie 4

Naked Gun 33 ⅓: The Final Insult

MOSTLY ALL NEW JOKES. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen), the pride of the LAPD, has retired but is called back into action for an undercover assignment in a prison. This third chapter offers a few bright ideas, such as a spoof of The Untouchables (1987), but this is largely a disappointment – and somewhat of a freak show, considering the … Continue reading Naked Gun 33 ⅓: The Final Insult

Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of George Lucas

THE SAGA IS COMPLETE. The first one was an OK adventure for the kids. The second one was not particularly memorable save for a sequence where Yoda actually fights with a lightsaber. But with this third entry in the second series of Star Wars films, George Lucas closed in on the original series – not just in … Continue reading Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of George Lucas

Clear and Present Danger

TRUTH NEEDS A SOLDIER. As Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) climbs the CIA ladder, the president declares an illegal war on Colombian drug cartels. The sequel to Patriot Games (1992) was made by the same director, but suffers a bit from its length; it takes some time to sort out the complicated, political mess that Ryan gets entangled with. The … Continue reading Clear and Present Danger

Patriot Games

NOT FOR HONOR. NOT FOR COUNTRY. FOR HIS WIFE AND CHILD.   After averting an IRA attack on members of the royal family in London, and killing one of the terrorist’s brothers, CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) becomes a marked man. The Ryan character, first introduced in The Hunt for Red October (1990), gets his own movie and a new star … Continue reading Patriot Games