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Radio Days

One of Woody Allen’s most nostalgic features is a comedy-drama that takes us back to his childhood before and during World War II when radio was in the middle of its golden age. It’s a fictitious story but filled with the music and impressions that were part of the director’s New York City upbringing. Some … Continue reading Radio Days


BREAK THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR WORLD. As Chicago is in danger of replacing one dictatorship with another, Tris and Four (Shailene Woodley, Theo James) prepare to leave the city to see what’s beyond the wall surrounding it. The third film in the Divergent franchise cuts Veronica Roth’s last novel in the series into two movies. A bad … Continue reading Allegiant


EIGHT LEGS, TWO FANGS AND AN ATTITUDE.  After moving to the small town of Canaima, California, hoping to open a practice, doctor Ross Jennings (Jeff Daniels) looks into a series of mysterious deaths that might be caused by spiders… Frequent Spielberg collaborator Frank Marshall made his directing debut with this loving, humorous homage to old … Continue reading Arachnophobia

The Martian: Left Behind

BRING HIM HOME.  If you’ve ever been to Wadi Rum in Jordan, you’ve been to Mars. The valley has been Hollywood’s favorite location for movies set on the planet, its red sand and mountains being a perfectly convincing stand-in. That’s Wadi Rum you see in Mission to Mars (2000), Red Planet (2000) and The Last … Continue reading The Martian: Left Behind


THEY THOUGHT IT WAS LOVE. IT WAS REALLY HEARTBURN. New York City food writer Rachel Samstat (Meryl Streep) and columnist Mark Forman (Jack Nicholson) fall in love and start a family… but she soon learns that he’s back to his old womanizing ways. Nora Ephron based the novel on her own experiences with Carl Bernstein, … Continue reading Heartburn

The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin’s return to television was touted as a classic network drama made for cable, taking us behind the scenes of ACN, a fictional cable news network, where a legendary anchor (Jeff Daniels) was getting bored with the current predictable state of the media and politics; the arrival of an ex-girlfriend (Emily Mortimer) as ACN’s … Continue reading The Newsroom

Why Aaron Sorkin Needs a Break from TV

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Aaron Sorkin suggested that he might be done with television after The Newsroom, whose third and final season premiered last Sunday. He did clarify on the Today show earlier today that if he did have a good idea for a TV show he “would love to come back”, … Continue reading Why Aaron Sorkin Needs a Break from TV

The Greatest Hits of 2014

It’s time for that annual list of this year’s highly anticipated Hollywood films. Here’s 2014 for ya. JANUARY: * Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – This reboot of Tom Clancy’s CIA analyst cum action hero has Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh (who’s also directing), but the trailer disturbingly shows another variation on the Jason Bourne … Continue reading The Greatest Hits of 2014

Will Jeff Daniels Become a More Serious Republican in Season Two?

Fox News’s The Five has the power to get people talking, at least whenever Greg Gutfeld gets to talk about one of his favorite subjects, Hollywood liberals. After all, it was he who went after Jim Carrey a few months ago for his anti-gun video on “Funny or Die”. This time, Gutfeld targets The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s … Continue reading Will Jeff Daniels Become a More Serious Republican in Season Two?


THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY THAN YOU KNOW.   The year after Capote, the drama that followed author Truman Capote’s fascination over the countryside killings that inspired him to write “In Cold Blood”, came this film that is almost as good. Starts out as more of a light comedy as the flamboyant Capote clashes with … Continue reading Infamous


FACE YOUR FUTURE. FIGHT YOUR PAST.   In 2044, Joe Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works as a contract killer for the mob in Kansas City; one day, he’s shocked to learn that his next target is an older version of himself (Bruce Willis) from the future. The star and director of Brick (2006) reunited for another … Continue reading Looper