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Ice Age: Continental Drift

When the continent breaks apart, Manny and his family and friends are separated; the quest to reunite is fraught with dangers. Much like the third movie, this fourth chapter is in 3D and was a huge hit… but the seams are beginning to show. A sense of fatigue is creeping into the increasingly outlandish adventures … Continue reading Ice Age: Continental Drift


EVERY ANT HAS HIS DAY.   Worker ant Z ends up posing a major threat, along with princess Bala, to a power-crazed general in the hill. This movie and a bug’s life are fortunately what you get when CGI innovators DreamWorks and Pixar compete with each other. It’s a simple but funny, adult film that hopefully should stop you … Continue reading Antz

Shall We Dance

STEP OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Something is missing in Chicago lawyer John Clark’s (Richard Gere) life, which is why he starts taking ballroom dancing lessons without telling his wife (Susan Sarandon). The inevitable remake of the Japanese 1996 film adds nothing to the concept, but is warm, pleasant and entertaining. Gere is very likable in … Continue reading Shall We Dance

Jersey Girl

FORGET ABOUT WHO YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE, AND JUST ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE. Hotshot publicist Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck) loses his wife in childbirth and starts resenting his daughter for that; eventually, both he and the child grow up… Director Kevin Smith makes an earnest film in the vein of Chasing Amy (1997), but this … Continue reading Jersey Girl

Maid in Manhattan

THIS CHRISTMAS… LOVE CHECKS IN. Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, falls in love with a shy socialite (Jennifer Lopez), who is actually just a hotel maid. Director Wayne Wang is not all that used to glossy Hollywood schmaltz and neither is Fiennes. They both seem ill at ease here, … Continue reading Maid in Manhattan

The Wedding Planner

A ROMANTIC COMEDY ABOUT LOVE, DESTINY AND OTHER EVENTS YOU JUST CAN’T PLAN FOR. Wedding planner Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) has a romantic evening with doctor Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), but soon learns that her new clients are… Edison and his fiancée. There’s something rotten in this set-up. Lopez plays a needlessly shallow person and … Continue reading The Wedding Planner