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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

This sequel took nine years to make and once again Robert Rodriguez collaborated closely with Frank Miller to create a nightmarish comic-book visual style – but neither critics nor audiences seemed to care. Just as episodic as the original, with Miller contributing two fresh stories, but several of the old characters return. Josh Brolin replaces … Continue reading Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Some Kind of Beautiful

EVERY GOOD LOVE STORY HAS THREE SIDES. British literature professor Richard Haig (Pierce Brosnan) starts a new family with his much younger American girlfriend (Jessica Alba), but his first encounter with her fiery sister (Salma Hayek) is embarrassing… A romantic comedy that works above all as a vehicle for Brosnan’s charm. He seems to be … Continue reading Some Kind of Beautiful


THE RIDE AIN’T OVER. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), now a studio boss, agrees to let Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) direct his first movie, but when the project needs more money the Texas financiers start making awkward demands… This big-screen adaptation of the 2004-2011 TV series will satisfy die-hard fans, but not many others. Nothing much … Continue reading Entourage


HE KNOWS THE SCORE. HE GETS THE WOMEN. AND HE KILLS THE BAD GUYS! A Texas businessman (Jeff Fahey) hires a Mexican worker, Machete, (Danny Trejo) to kill a corrupt State Senator (Robert De Niro), but he doesn’t know that Machete is a former federal agent with a violent past… Robert Rodriguez developed one of … Continue reading Machete

Little Fockers

KIDS BRING EVERYONE CLOSER, RIGHT? After giving Jack (Robert De Niro) twin grandchildren, Greg (Ben Stiller) has finally ended up in the retired CIA agent’s good graces… but that changes again quickly. The third film in the series that began with Meet the Parents (2000) has a script that doesn’t really know which storyline to focus on, and a series … Continue reading Little Fockers

The Killer Inside Me

Somewhere in the early 1950s Texas, small-town deputy sheriff Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) uses a prostitute (Jessica Alba) as a pawn in an evil plot. First filmed in 1976, Jim Thompson’s novel becomes somewhat of a queasy experience in Michael Winterbottom’s hands. It’s a meditation on violence that stays faithful to the original where events … Continue reading The Killer Inside Me

Valentine’s Day

A LOVE STORY. MORE OR LESS. If Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards make you go “aww”, then this is a movie for you. Director Garry Marshall and his star-studded cast introduce us to a great number of stories about people and their romantic relationships on the supposedly most love-filled day of the year, most of them … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Knocked Up

WHAT IF THIS GUY GOT YOU PREGNANT? When a one-night stand leaves Alison (Katherine Heigl) pregnant, she and Ben (Seth Rogen) agree to have the baby and get to know each other… but he’s not really ready to change his life. Another overlong, profanity-laden but warm and funny film from the guy who brought us The 40 … Continue reading Knocked Up

4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

DISCOVER THE SECRET OF THE SURFER. As Reed and Susan (Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba) prepare to get married, Earth is visited by a human-like creature with a silver demeanor; wherever he goes, destruction is near. A sequel no better or worse than the original, which introduces another Marvel character, this time a figure on a … Continue reading 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Into the Blue

TEMPTATION IS BLISS. A group of young divers in the Bahamas locate a sunken plane with forbidden cargo, and end up in trouble with violent drug dealers. The man who brought us Blue Crush (2002) delivers another empty, sun-drenched flick stacked with tanned hardbodies. Jessica Alba never wears more clothes than is absolutely necessary for the sake of … Continue reading Into the Blue

Sin City

THERE IS NO JUSTICE WITHOUT SIN. This adaptation of a graphic novel is a first in the way that the creator actively worked with the director on the visual style of the film. There are four stories, all set in the rainy, dark and unforgiving place called Basin City. Everything is so grim-looking, so noir, … Continue reading Sin City