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Tootsie: Dressed to Kill

HE’S TOOTSIE… SHE’S DUSTIN HOFFMAN. In the late 1990s, I was studying English in college when one of our teachers organized a reading of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Not a full stage rendering, mind you… but we still had to dress up and the whole thing was taped by our teacher. I … Continue reading Tootsie: Dressed to Kill


HER STORY IS SHOCKING, DISTURBING, COMPELLING… AND TRUE. 1930s screen star Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange) tries to segue into the world of theater, but her frail mind deteriorates, not least because of the unhelpful “care” she receives in several mental institutions. Graeme Clifford’s directing debut is a long and depressing film but with effective, emotional … Continue reading Frances

Big Fish

AN ADVENTURE AS BIG AS LIFE ITSELF?   Tall tales are a natural part of the South and the leading character in director Tim Burton’s fantastical film has made his whole life a tall tale. While his son (Billy Crudup) bitterly tries to make the dying father (Albert Finney) tell something believable about his life, … Continue reading Big Fish