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IT’S BEAUTIFUL. IT’S EROTIC. IT’S TERRIFYING. THEY KNOW. THEY’VE CROSSED THE LINE. Five medical students begin experimenting with what happens right after you die by flatlining for one minute until the others resuscitate. A thriller with horror elements as each student who participates in the experiments is haunted by something awful from their past that … Continue reading Flatliners

St. Elmo’s Fire

YOU CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON YOUR FRIENDS. DON’T EVER LET THE FIRE GO OUT.  Joel Schumacher’s breakthrough as director is a now-classic Brat Pack movie (along with the same year’s The Breakfast Club) about a group of friends who are all trying to get used to life as adults after graduating from Georgetown. In their … Continue reading St. Elmo’s Fire

The Client

A DISTRICT ATTORNEY OUT FOR A CONVICTION. A NEW LAWYER OUT OF HER LEAGUE. A YOUNG BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH.  After witnessing a mob attorney’s suicide, and learning his secrets, 11-year-old Mark (Brad Renfro) finds himself in danger; attorney Reggie Love (Susan Sarandon) tries to protect him from the mob and the authorities. Joel … Continue reading The Client

A Time to Kill

A LAWYER AND HIS ASSISTANT FIGHTING TO SAVE A FATHER ON TRIAL FOR MURDER. A TIME TO QUESTION WHAT THEY BELIEVE. A TIME TO DOUBT WHAT THEY TRUST. AND NO TIME FOR MISTAKES.  Young Mississippi attorney Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) takes a case where a black man (Samuel L. Jackson) stands accused of having murdered … Continue reading A Time to Kill

The Lost Boys

BEING WILD IS IN THEIR BLOOD.  Michael and Sam Emerson (Jason Patric, Corey Haim) move with their mother to a small town in California where they discover that a local gang of teenagers are vampires. I understand why this film was popular for a while – the soundtrack has engaging tunes, director Joel Schumacher paces … Continue reading The Lost Boys

The Phantom of the Opera

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT. A mysterious figure (Gerard Butler) terrorizing an opera house in Paris keeps demanding that a talented chorus singer (Emmy Rossum) gets promoted. Joel Schumacher, of all people, is the one to bring Andrew Lloyd Webber and Charles Hart’s famous musical to the big screen; results are opulent and … Continue reading The Phantom of the Opera

Phone Booth

YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE. New York PR man Stu Shepard (Colin Farrell), who lies for a living, finds himself trapped in the city’s last phone booth, talking to a killer who’s determined to make him repent. An experimental thriller from a director who tried to change the direction of his career in the early … Continue reading Phone Booth

Batman & Robin

STRENGTH. COURAGE. HONOR. AND LOYALTY. Batman opus #4 threw in too many stupid one-liners and ridiculous gadgets; Batman even has a personal credit card. This is to some extent a (not very funny) comedy that doesn’t know what to focus on; there’s two villains, Batgirl is introduced, Batman and Robin fight over a woman and … Continue reading Batman & Robin

Batman Forever

COURAGE NOW, TRUTH ALWAYS… The third Batman film saw Tim Burton handing over directing duties to Joel Schumacher who brought some light into this franchise. It became more kiddie-oriented, the dialogue was more humorous and the colors became so bright they made one think of that old TV show. There was too much of everything; … Continue reading Batman Forever