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Primal Fear

SOONER OR LATER A MAN WHO WEARS TWO FACES FORGETS WHICH ONE IS REAL. Chicago attorney Martin Vail (Richard Gere) happily takes on a high-profile case where a confused former altar boy, Aaron (Edward Norton), stands accused of having murdered the Archbishop. It’s not often an actor making his screen debut gets to shine as … Continue reading Primal Fear

In Treatment: Pushing Patients

I’ve never been in therapy, but have always been curious about it. I do have a friend who was simply unable to put a destructive relationship behind him once and for all. What went on during the therapy sessions concerns only him and his doctor, but it was obvious that things would not look up … Continue reading In Treatment: Pushing Patients

The Russia House

A SPY STORY… A LOVE STORY… A STORY TO CROSS ALL BOUNDARIES. After receiving a mysterious manuscript from a Soviet woman (Michelle Pfeiffer), British publisher ”Barley” Scott Blair (Sean Connery) is interrogated by MI6 and later sent as a spy to the Soviet Union to find a man called ”Dante”. A spy thriller with appealing … Continue reading The Russia House

Moonstruck: Can’t Fight the Moonlight

LIFE. FAMILY. LOVE. Restaurant owner Bobo is almost in tears as he tells one of the waiters that a favorite customer is about to propose marriage to his girlfriend. His tears won’t come out of joy though, but grief since Bobo is about to lose his most valued bachelor customer. It’s a funny scene in … Continue reading Moonstruck: Can’t Fight the Moonlight

The Iron Giant

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE! In the 1950s, a boy encounters a giant made of iron in the woods; the creature is from outer space, but the kid’s new playmate is not easily accepted by adults. An animated charmer that shows director Brad Bird’s potential, even though it wasn’t a commercial success. Reminiscent of E.T. (1982), this is … Continue reading The Iron Giant

In the Line of Fire: Fighting Kennedy’s Ghost

AN ASSASSIN ON THE LOOSE. A PRESIDENT IN DANGER. ONLY ONE MAN STANDS BETWEEN THEM. The original trailer for this film was an exercise in poor taste and preview audiences reacted harshly against it. It had the date “November 22, 1963” written in large letters, followed by John Malkovich’s character talking about killing the president. … Continue reading In the Line of Fire: Fighting Kennedy’s Ghost

Dan in Real Life

SOMETHING’S HAPPENING TO DAN. IT’S CONFUSING. IT’S AWKWARD. IT’S FAMILY. Widower Dan Burns (Steve Carell) meets the charming Marie (Juliette Binoche) in a bookstore and they connect… but during a subsequent family gathering he realizes that she’s his brother’s new girlfriend. The guy who made Pieces of April (2003) returns to that concept and portrays … Continue reading Dan in Real Life


EVERY ANT HAS HIS DAY.   Worker ant Z ends up posing a major threat, along with princess Bala, to a power-crazed general in the hill. This movie and a bug’s life are fortunately what you get when CGI innovators DreamWorks and Pixar compete with each other. It’s a simple but funny, adult film that hopefully should stop you … Continue reading Antz


DANGER. DESIRE. DESPERATION.  When American surgeon Richard Walker (Harrison Ford) and his wife Sondra (Betty Buckley) arrive in Paris for a conference, it doesn’t take long for Sondra to vanish without a trace. Roman Polanski’s most talked-about thriller of the 1980s has a Hitchcockian flavor, with its mysterious disappearance, a few dizzying scenes on the … Continue reading Frantic

The American President

WHY CAN’T THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD HAVE THE THING HE WANTS MOST? Widowed President Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) falls for an environmental lobbyist (Annette Bening), but dating has political consequences for a man in his position. Another charming romantic comedy from Rob Reiner, greatly aided by Aaron Sorkin’s idealistic, highly political but also amusing … Continue reading The American President

She’s the One

A FILM ABOUT LOVE, MARRIAGE, HAPPINESS… AND THE LITTLE DISTRACTIONS IN BETWEEN. Mick Fitzpatrick (Edward Burns) meets a woman and marries her at the same time as his brother (Mike McGlone) is cheating on his wife with Mick’s ex-girlfriend. Director Burns followed up on his critically acclaimed The Brothers McMullen (1995) with another movie about … Continue reading She’s the One

Barton Fink

THERE’S ONLY ONE THING STRANGER THAN WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE HIS HEAD. WHAT’S GOING ON OUTSIDE. In 1941, left-leaning, Jewish playwright Barton Fink (John Turturro) leaves New York City for Hollywood to try his luck as a screenwriter and is hired by a studio that makes B pictures. Coen brothers films are always dark to some … Continue reading Barton Fink