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Malcolm X: How Little Became Huge

At first, Norman Jewison was considered as director of a movie chronicling the life of Malcolm X. After all, he had done a great job on In the Heat of the Night (1967), a film that took on the racial conflicts of that period in America. Jewison was interested in the project, but there was … Continue reading Malcolm X: How Little Became Huge

Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

After finishing Manhattan, Woody Allen was desperately unhappy with the results. It went so far that Allen begged United Artists not to release it, offering to make another movie for free as long as Manhattan didn’t see the light of day. Fortunately, the studio refused the offer and released what has become one of the … Continue reading Manhattan: Rhapsody in Black and White

National Lampoon’s Animal House

IT WAS THE DELTAS AGAINST THE RULES… THE RULES LOST! The year is 1962 and the Delta frat house at Faber College is known as the raunchiest on campus; now the dean (John Vernon) wants it closed. Perhaps the least enjoyable film to be considered an important comedy classic by a lot of people. The first … Continue reading National Lampoon’s Animal House

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

In 1957, Indy (Harrison Ford) and his old buddy Mac (Ray Winstone) run into Soviet agents in Nevada where they are forced to locate a highly magnetic crate for them. The fourth Indiana Jones movie was the most anticipated cinematic event of the year. Ford may be in his 60s, the script may be silly … Continue reading Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Chasing the Divine

THE RETURN OF THE GREAT ADVENTURE. In the beginning, before there was a movie, everybody involved did their part in contributing bright ideas to the project that would become the best adventure movie ever made. George Lucas came up with the character, Philip Kaufman thought of making the Ark of the Covenant a central part … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Ark: Chasing the Divine


AL PACINO IS CRUISING FOR A KILLER. New York cop Steve Burns (Al Pacino) goes undercover in the gay S/M club scene to find whoever’s killing its participants. A hunt for a serial killer that never becomes very suspenseful, that takes turns being laughable and nasty and features an open ending where the  possibilities only … Continue reading Cruising

The Perfect Storm

THE STORM IS COMING. The Andrea Gail, a fishing boat captained by Billy Tyne (George Clooney), finds itself at the center of a ”perfect storm” out in the North Atlantic. Director Wolfgang Peterson knows how to make good action movies and this time Mother Nature is the bad guy. The story about the 1991 storm … Continue reading The Perfect Storm