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True Crime

When a journalist is killed in a car crash, a veteran colleague (Clint Eastwood) is assigned to her story; she was covering the upcoming execution of a man (Washington) who might be wrongly convicted. The first screen adaptation of an Andrew Klavan novel was a commercial failure and not one of Eastwood’s sharpest films. His … Continue reading True Crime

Kung Fu Panda 3

THE WEIGHT IS OVER. At the same time as Po is trying to handle his new role as a teacher, he also meets his real father and has to battle a spirit warrior. Another 3D adventure with the panda whose most dangerous nemesis seems to be stairs. Po’s reunited with all the lovable supporting characters … Continue reading Kung Fu Panda 3

Chicago: City of Scoundrels

IT BEGAN WITH A HIT…   Premiere once named this as one of the 20 most overrated films of all time. My take is different: Chicago is the greatest screen musical of the decade. Especially compared to Moulin Rouge! (2001), Baz Luhrmann’s hugely popular but exhausting jukebox musical. At the time, some critics considered Luhrmann’s … Continue reading Chicago: City of Scoundrels

Kung Fu Panda 2

PREPARE FOR THE RETURN OF AWESOMENESS. When the evil lord of a peacock clan attempts to conquer China, Po and the Furious Five use all their powers to stop him… but the panda is also brutally reminded of his childhood. The first major animated release to be directed by a woman is a 3D adventure … Continue reading Kung Fu Panda 2

Lucky Number Slevin

WRONG TIME. WRONG PLACE. WRONG NUMBER. Two rivaling crime bosses (Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley) mistake Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) for being someone he’s not and give him tasks to perform that could change his life. A compellingly directed and designed movie that takes us on a journey with a few surprises that make sense – as … Continue reading Lucky Number Slevin

Kill Bill Vol. 1

IN THE YEAR 2003, UMA THURMAN WILL KILL BILL. Quentin Tarantino’s first movie in six years lacks his expected dialogue and there isn’t much of a story. One is left in awe, however, of his creative mind – every scene is packed with ideas and influences from so many cultural sources. As The Bride, an … Continue reading Kill Bill Vol. 1

Kung Fu Panda

PREPARE FOR AWESOMENESS. Po, a big, lazy panda, is unexpectedly named the Dragon Warrior by a wise turtle and must be trained by a reluctant kung fu master. This DreamWorks CGI spectacle has brilliant animation, an enormous energy and a dedicated cast that help overcome the predictability. There is no doubt that Po will get his act together … Continue reading Kung Fu Panda

Jerry Maguire: Cruise Goes Crazy

EVERYBODY LOVED HIM… EVERYBODY DISAPPEARED. At the time of the release, Jerry Maguire received mostly positive reviews. Now that I’ve revisited the film several years later I have to say I still like it a lot. This is after all perhaps the best example of why we love Tom Cruise in spite of all the craziness. The … Continue reading Jerry Maguire: Cruise Goes Crazy

Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt

David E. Kelley has a silly side. Sure, he’s a former Boston lawyer. Yes, he’s married to Michelle Pfeiffer and yes, he’s now a successful television producer. But at least two of his shows, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, have exposed him as a person who thinks the world of courtrooms and law firms is too much fun … Continue reading Ally McBeal: Justice In a Miniskirt

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

THIS SUMMER THE ANGELS ARE BACK. Charlie’s three angels (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu) matches wits with a fallen angel (Demi Moore) as they try to find two rings that contain valuable intelligence. This sequel goes for bigger is better, but the increased number of comedy routines is no help when the jokes aren’t funny. … Continue reading Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie’s Angels

GET SOME ACTION. Three female agents (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu) must find a kidnapped businessman, but too late do they realize that the mission is a trap. The old ‘70s show that relied on silly and sexy adventures got its widescreen remake and everything is of course souped-up to the nth degree. The actresses … Continue reading Charlie’s Angels