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THE MOTION PICTURE THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! In 47 BC, Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) helps Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor) become the ruler of Egypt, but he’s soon murdered in Rome; Cleopatra eventually begins a tempestuous alliance with another Roman, Mark Antony (Richard Burton). An epic that became famous for its bloated budget, Taylor’s elaborate … Continue reading Cleopatra


THE RIDE AIN’T OVER. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), now a studio boss, agrees to let Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) direct his first movie, but when the project needs more money the Texas financiers start making awkward demands… This big-screen adaptation of the 2004-2011 TV series will satisfy die-hard fans, but not many others. Nothing much … Continue reading Entourage

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Originally shown as a two-part event on the PBS show American Masters, this is Robert B. Weide’s fourth documentary on comedians, a frequently entertaining and engrossing look at one of the hardest working men in showbiz. Over the course of three hours we learn what motivates him, what makes him great and how he works … Continue reading Woody Allen: A Documentary


When young Victor Frankenstein loses his best friend, Sparky the dog, in an accident, he successfully brings the animal back to life in a thunderstorm. Tim Burton’s remake of the 1984 short that got him fired from Disney is a fast-paced stop-motion adventure in 3D that has the balls to also be in black-and-white. An … Continue reading Frankenweenie

City Hall

IT STARTED WITH A SHOOTOUT ON A RAINSWEPT STREET AND ENDED IN A SCANDAL THAT SHATTERED NEW YORK CITY. When a cop, a criminal and a little boy are shot to death on a NYC street, Deputy Mayor Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack) becomes interested in the case and its peculiar details. Based upon experiences made by former NYC Deputy Mayor … Continue reading City Hall

Sleepy Hollow

HEADS WILL ROLL. In 1799, New York constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent to a hamlet called Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders where the victims’ heads have been lopped off; the locals blame a ghost, the Headless Horseman. Published in 1820, Washington Irving’s short story is one of the earliest great … Continue reading Sleepy Hollow

North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble

THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE PRESENTS A 3000-MILE CHASE ACROSS AMERICA! According to one biography on Alfred Hitchcock, it was Bernard Herrmann who introduced screenwriter Ernest Lehman to the director. They hit it off and decided to make a movie together. Lehman told the director that he wanted to do the ultimate Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock then … Continue reading North by Northwest: Rushmore Rumble

The Majestic

SOMETIMES YOUR LIFE COMES INTO FOCUS ONE FRAME AT A TIME.  Washed-up Hollywood screenwriter Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) leaves town, ends up in a car accident and is washed ashore in a small California hamlet where he’s mistaken for a young man who was thought to have died in WWII. A typical Frank Darabont picture; … Continue reading The Majestic

Ed Wood

MOVIES WERE HIS PASSION. WOMEN WERE HIS INSPIRATION. SWEATERS WERE HIS WEAKNESS.  Perhaps the eccentric and gifted Tim Burton felt there was a connection between himself and Edward D. Wood, Jr. – two visionaries with a taste for the truly odd. This is essentially what a Wood picture would look like had the director been … Continue reading Ed Wood

Hollywood Homicide

WHEN TIME IS RUNNING OUT, ONE SHOT IS ALL YOU GET. L.A. cops Joe Gavilan and KC. Calden (Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett) investigate the murders of four members of a rap group, but their careers on the side keep getting in the way. Director Ron Shelton makes a cop movie the same way he makes … Continue reading Hollywood Homicide

The X Files

FIGHT THE FUTURE. FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) try to find out why several fire fighters and a boy were placed inside a federal building that subsequently exploded. This movie materialized after the fifth season of the popular TV show about aliens and governmental conspiracies. Its creator, Chris Carter, delivers answers … Continue reading The X Files

Ed tv

THE STORY OF A NOBODY EVERYBODY IS WATCHING! Video-store clerk Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to be the center of a new reality show, having cameras follow him 24-7; the ensuing chaos hurts people close to him, including a would-be girlfriend (Jenna Elfman). Director Ron Howard’s film is a well-made comedy with a pleasant cast, including … Continue reading Ed tv