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Manchester by the Sea: Laugh While You Cry

This film opens with (and frequently returns to) lovely images of the waters just off Manchester-by-the-Sea, a small Massachusetts community. It struck me that through director Kenneth Lonergans eyes at least this place looks similar to many others around the world. In fact, it reminded me of the archipelago outside the small town in southern … Continue reading Manchester by the Sea: Laugh While You Cry


ALL ABOARD.  Twentysomething Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer), who wouldn’t dream of having a relationship, is assigned to write an article on a sports doctor (Bill Hader). Comedian Schumer’s first movie script is a treat in the hands of Judd Apatow who’s shown a knack for creating films that are funny, heartfelt and has roles for … Continue reading Trainwreck

New Year’s Eve

THE ONE NIGHT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Garry Marshall followed up his ensemble piece Valentine’s Day (2010) with a similar film, made to entertain young and old as we contemplate the (romantic?) possibilities of a new year. The cast is full of stars, but focus tends to lie on younger, popular talent. What everybody has in common though … Continue reading New Year’s Eve

Tower Heist

IT’S NOT JUST A ROBBERY. IT’S PAYBACK. When Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) and a group of employees at an exclusive NYC apartment building learn that one of the tenants, a Wall Street tycoon (Alan Alda), has embezzled their pension funds, they plot revenge. Certainly a heist movie for our times as the villain will remind audiences of Bernie … Continue reading Tower Heist

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

LEISURE RULES. High-school teen Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) pretends to be sick and spends the day with his best friends (Alan Ruck, Mia Sara)… but the Dean of Students (Jeffrey Jones) is on to him. This John Hughes comedy has become a classic, much-loved even by many critics. I can certainly see the charm, but not … Continue reading Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Glory: From Slaves to Soldiers

THEIR INNOCENCE. THEIR HERITAGE. THEIR LIVES. NOTHING WOULD BE SPARED IN THE FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM.   One of the best films of 1989 has also become one of the best-loved movies ever made about the American Civil War. As in the case of Gettysburg (1993), the filmmakers tried to stay close to the real events and … Continue reading Glory: From Slaves to Soldiers

The Producers

Down-on-his-luck Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Nathan Lane) talks a clean-cut accountant (Matthew Broderick) into joining him in a scheme where they will make money from putting on a show guaranteed to fail. This adaptation of the Broadway smash hit was done pretty much the way the play was produced; the original director made it together … Continue reading The Producers

Bee Movie

HONEY JUST GOT FUNNY. Barry B. Benson, a honey bee, has just graduated from college, but before he goes to work in the honey industry he ventures out in the human world where he discovers injustices. Jerry Seinfeld’s grand animated project was reportedly not the result of some fully thought-through idea; the premise is very reminiscent … Continue reading Bee Movie

Strangers With Candy

HIGH SCHOOL IS DIFFICULT… FOR A 47-YEAR-OLD EX-CON JUNKIE CRACK WHORE. 47-year-old ex-con Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) promises her comatose dad (Dan Hedaya) to go back to high school. That’s the plot and fans of the original TV show (which ran from 1999-2000) will recognize it. One has to wonder why they didn’t try to … Continue reading Strangers With Candy

The Stepford Wives

MAKE ONE. Cynical TV producer Joanna Eberhardt (Nicole Kidman) moves away from New York with husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) and settles down in a small town where every woman seems to come straight out of a Republican fantasy about the 1950s. This remake of the 1975 classic keeps the satirical content, but the shock of … Continue reading The Stepford Wives


SIZE DOES MATTER. As a result of French nuclear tests in the Pacific, a dinosaur mutates and turns into a huge killing machine that attacks New York. Well, turns out that size didn’t matter that much; this movie came with an impressive budget and marketing campaign, but the box office take was nevertheless disappointing. Director Roland … Continue reading Godzilla